Your vacation ruined because of the fires? Here are your rights

The flames devastated France, Italy and Spain, among others. This summer time, many vacationers are wondering: can I cancel my vacation if I have to go to a place devastated by fires? What are the conditions? Can those who are already there return for free? What are they entitled to?

Many holidaymakers have seen their holidays ruined because of the fires in France, Italy and Spain. More than 20,000 hectares of forest have been consumed in the Gironde. Some have no choice but to go home earlier than planned. Can these holidaymakers be compensated? “It depends on whether it is a trip booked with a tour operator or a stay that you have organized yourself“Shadow Nevert Degirmenci, Speaker of Assuralia.”In the first case it is necessary to contact him as soon as possible.she clarifies.

Assistance is a legal obligation for tour operators: “We all have a duty to behave like a good father, which means we must bring you back in case of danger or provide alternative accommodation.“, explains Pierre Fivet, President of the Belgian Association of Tour Operators. He specifies that the tour operator will first look for an alternative. The holidaymaker can be accommodated somewhere else immediately and close to the original vacation spot. He can claim an additional stay at a later date time and finally “If it ever went wrong, people would be entitled to a refund“.

If the accommodation has been reserved by an individual for a house or campsite, “It is necessary to check the general conditions included in the signed contract‘ adds Nevert Degirmenci. Sometimes assistance is not guaranteed and the holidaymaker may leave without compensation.

Should you cancel your holiday in the affected areas?

In view of the situation in the affected areas, many holidaymakers are now reluctant to leave. Don’t panic for Pierre Fivet: “Just because there’s a fire burning 3 miles away doesn’t mean it’s dangerous. The interpretation of these things is stimulating, but here too we must act as good fathers“. The tour operator is also obliged to provide an alternative and not to send holidaymakers to a destination where there is a risk.

For bookings with private individuals, this also depends on the goodwill of the property owner and the terms of the contract.

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