Young girls drugged at a ball in Dampicourt? A complaint was lodged with the police

At least 3 young girls have filed a complaint this Saturday after a night out in Dampicourt. A Hawaiian evening organized by the Dampicourt youth club. A ball that brought together hundreds of young people. The mother of a young girl sounded the alarm on social media yesterday after she had to pick up her daughter from the hospital. Several young girls felt so ill during the evening that they had to call the emergency services. They felt drugged.

I had a black hole

Chloe, 19, testifies. “At one point during the evening…I felt really bad. I was in the crowd, at the ball. I texted a friend because I felt like I was leaving. My head was spinning. I would have liked to throw up. She helped me sit up because I was passing out. The paramedics picked me up and took me to the hospital. I had a black hole and can’t remember anything“.

For Chloé, alcohol is not responsible for her condition. “I’ve had 5 beers and it’s not the beer that gets me in this state“But impossible to say what happened.”Maybe someone put something in my drink. Or it may even be a stitch. I had fun with my girlfriends. I wasn’t paying attention and we were so pushed and pushed on this ball that anything is possible, I wouldn’t have felt or seen anything“.

Chloe’s mother decided to respond after picking up her daughter from Arlon hospital. ” I learned that other young girls had been drugged. I made this post on Facebook. It has grown enormously. Young girls contacted me to tell me they ended up in the hospital. Concerned parents have also contacted me.

complaints filed

Chloé and at least two other young girls have decided to press charges.

Mayor Dampicourt, Carmen Ramlot, has been informed. “The police will investigate the reports and forward them to the public prosecutor’s office. With the investigation we will probably know more.” The mayor, who announces that security measures will be strengthened at the next major events in the municipality. Even if 4 police officers were already on site on Saturday evening and nothing special was noticed.

The youth club Dampicourt, organizer of the evening, announced that it would file a complaint against x.

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