Why is it advisable to put aluminum balls in your washing machine?

Even if it’s not the most ecological product, we all use aluminum foil… We have to admit that it’s very practical for wrapping a sandwich, covering a leftover dish…

Of course they exist eco-friendly alternatives to aluminum foil, like the Bee Wrap, these beeswax wraps, washable and recyclable! But let’s face it, aluminum foil remains the star of the kitchen for food preservation! But did you know that aluminum foil can work wonders in the drum of your washing machine? We explain why!

Why aluminum foil in the washing machine?

This trick is obviously a grandmother’s trick as we like to distill sometimes! Our grandmothers didn’t know our ultra-perfect detergents that wash, soften, descale the washing machine… And that are supposed to make your clothes whiter than white! Aluminum foil in the washing machine allows for better maintenance of your washing machine, but also better cleaning of your laundry. Here’s why!

Gone is static electricity!

If you’re washing static-electric materials like wool or nylon, you can look like Einstein just by putting on your sweater… Aluminum foil has the magical power to remove static electricity from your laundry. It would also be possible to use the tinfoil balls in the dryer to remove static electricity… But we take this trick with caution because the tinfoil heats up even if it doesn’t catch fire, we’re not convinced that fragile laundry couldn’t Catch fire!

Cleaner laundry!

With two or three balls the size of a tennis ball, the laundry should be cleaner. It’s also a bit like soapnuts, but with aluminum foil… By beating the laundry in the drum, they loosen the dirt embedded in the fibres. And this will not affect the operation of your washing machine … No risk of damaging it. Foil balls can be reused for 6 monthsmaking it a rather very frugal tip!

Save laundry?

Like soap nuts, aluminum foil balls would avoid using detergent or fabric softener. In fact, it is the aluminum balls that allow the laundry to be beaten and the dirt removed without chemical detergents. It would be an ecological and economical alternative to using conventional detergents with the same result.

Another unusual use for aluminum foil?

Your cat destroyed the last toy you bought her and is now attacking your new curtains? Make him a nice round ball out of aluminum foil and throw him! Usually the effect is instantaneous and the aluminum ball should be hurled to all four corners of your living room!

do it anyway Make sure it is not in the drum of the washing machinelooking for the ball you used for your laundry… This could have dramatic consequences for your hangover!

We haven’t tested the aluminum ball technique in our washing machine, but why not, if it works, it might be a good idea, right? You have already tested this method, do not hesitate to give us feedback on your experience in the comments…

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