What are the risks in Europe if Russian gas is shut down?


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Russia has already cut gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland. If all of Europe loses access to this resource, it could turn to other suppliers or other types of energy.

Russia will halt gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, a vital resource for Europe. For example, while France is 17% dependent on Russian gas, others such as Italy (43%), Germany (66%) and especially Hungary (95%) are. So are there other providers to turn to? First there is Norway, which covers 20% of Europe’s needs, but also Algeria (12%) and Qatar (5%). Europe could import liquefied gas from the US, which would be transported by ship. A gas that is expensive to import and also more difficult to use.

Each federal state is currently looking for its own solutions. Paris relies on biomethane, which is obtained from farm manure. Berlin (Germany) opts for coal, which is much more polluting. In the event of a general blackout, energy solidarity between states could also be established. For the experts it seems impossible in the short term to replace Russian gas without reducing our consumption and thus our heating.

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