Washington will not allow Moscow to pressure Europe to cut off gas supplies

Of that total, $20 billion must go to arms sales, nearly seven times the impressive amounts of arms and ammunition already shipped to Ukraine since the February 24 Russian invasion.

Kyiv has already received 10 anti-tank weapons for every Russian tank, the US President boasted during his speech at the White House.

But the United States is “not attacking” Russia, he assured, it is “helping Ukraine to defend itself” against Russian “atrocities and aggression.” The Kremlin had previously warned against arms deliveries to Ukraine that “threaten European security”.


This 33 billion additional aid must now be approved by the US Parliament.

But the discussions between elected representatives, who nevertheless unanimously support Kyiv, are initially stumbling over the content of the law intended to extend military aid: the Democrats want to insert an amendment in it in order to simultaneously increase the budget for the fight against Covid in the United States States, which Republicans categorically reject.

If Democratic Senator Chairman Chuck Schumer tries to bring the two together, “it will likely doom both of them,” a Republican Senate leadership warned.

For Ukraine, however, this help is urgent: More than two months after the conflict began, Russia has stepped up its attacks on the south and east of the country, which was badly hit by bombs on Thursday.

And after being limited to weapons considered defensive, Washington is now sending artillery, helicopters and drones to the Ukrainian army, whose soldiers are being trained in the United States or third countries on how to use these weapons before returning to the forehead .


Joe Biden on Thursday also castigated Vladimir Putin’s “irresponsible” threats of possible recourse to nuclear weapons. “It shows the sense of desperation Russia feels at its miserable failure to achieve its original goals,” he said.

His government wants to increase pressure on the Russian president and his entourage by proposing to liquidate the “kleptocratic” assets confiscated from Russian oligarchs and transfer the proceeds to Kyiv “to compensate for the damage caused by Russian aggression”, the White House said in a statement.

These confiscated assets to date total more than $30 billion in Russian assets for European Union (EU) countries alone, including nearly $7 billion in oligarch luxury goods (yachts, works of art, real estate and helicopters), the press release states.

The United States has “sanctioned and blocked more than a billion worth of ships and planes and frozen hundreds of millions of dollars in Russian elite assets in American accounts.”

And this month Spain granted a US request to seize a $90 million superyacht owned by Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg, a close ally of President Vladimir Putin.

Punitive measures not to be weakened, the White House on Thursday pledged to continue “cracking down” on the maneuvers to “avoid sanctions” by strengthening American investigative and prosecuting capacities against the oligarchs trying to evade them .eu

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