Volume, shine, styling: how do you care for your hair in winter?

During the long winter months, hair often shows the same symptoms as us: it is limp, lifeless, lacking momentum and looks depressed! Follow our professional advice and smart tips to restore maximum vitality and shine.

January, February… During the long winter months it is cold, the air is dry, the wind is blowing; so many external factors that attack the hair and ruin its care. Unfortunately, at this time our diet is not a very effective support: far from the balance as in spring or summer (thanks to raclettes, fondues and cie), generally poor in vitamins, our winter base is not conducive to vitality fiber.

Result: After several weeks of this diet, the hair is difficult to style, it lacks fullness and suppleness. And yet, don’t panic, a few (good) adjustments are enough to reverse the tempo. So quickly discover our tips, expert advice and smart products.

Bruno Poinsard

1- Hair in winter: limit static electricity

Alternating hot/cold, rubbing clothes we take off and put on again… hair seems to fly in all directions. Not easy to style. To limit the phenomenon, we adopt the reflexes of Stéphane Bodin, studio hairdresser (@stephanebodin): “ Whatever your hair type, prefer mild shampoos. Also give preference to accessories made from natural materials: wooden comb, boar bristle brush. And if the problem really persists at the end of the styling, spritz a little hairspray on the brush before sliding it through the hair “.

Curfew : Ultra Gentle Shampoo, Ducray, €7.50**; Extra Gentle Shampoo, Lazartigue, €15.50**; Frizz Control Smoothing Styling Fluid, La Biosthétique, €18.70, labiosthetique.fr; Plant varnish, Phyto, 12 €**

2- Hair in winter: wear a hat every day

Contrary to popular belief, this winter’s ultra-trendy hat is no hair enemy. On the other hand : ” It protects the fiber from the cold. And in bad weather even better than an umbrella. As long as it’s very soft. Best in cashmere advises hairdresser David Lucas (davidlucas.com). But what about the root volume under a cup? ” Volume is seen differently today: the hairstyles on the top of the head are less brushed. Nice loose lengths, enough to get the job done the professional continues. The same story with Stéphane Bodin, a winter hat fan: ” The roots are protected and the protruding lengths, which are not particularly attached, keep a little warmth around the neck and neck »

3- Hair in winter: Eat oysters to strengthen them

Nothing beats a trace element cure in winter to optimize your immune system and recharge your batteries. The same applies to our hair: iron and zinc are real allies that play an essential role in oxygenating the roots and building the fiber. We therefore do a doublet by regularly treating ourselves to a seafood platter and opting for hair products with micronized oyster shell powder.

shock treatment: Powder shampoo, Respect By David Lucas, €35, davidlucas.paris; By Biot Hair Care Perfume, Christophe-Nicolas Biot, €38, christophenicolasbiot.com.

The right products to avoid attacking fibers that have already been weakened by the cold.
© Bruno PoinsardThe right products to avoid attacking fibers that have already been weakened by the cold.

4- Hair in winter: take care of your scalp

First, we stop thinking that scalp products are reserved for hair loss problems or lack of density. nope ! The drop in tone is also an excellent indicator. The opportunity or never to treat yourself to one of these new luxurious formulas that have nothing to envy the most modern facial treatments. In fact, we find the same patented technologies – adapted to the problem of the scalp – that have made the success of famous anti-aging treatments: cell renewal at Augustinus Bader (TFC8) associated with a mineral pool; Guerlain’s self-repair (Dynamic Blackbee Repair), reinforced with D-panthenol; the anti-inflammatory at Dr. Barbara Sturm enriched with antioxidants. Found in serums applied directly to the scalp (wet or dry) with the pipette daily as a regimen before gently massaging hands flat. Results: the hair is revitalized, the fiber becomes stronger, we gain lightness and volume.

Scalp Stars: Abeille Royale Youth Oil-in-Serum Scalp & Hair, Guerlain, €136*; The scalp treatment, Agustinus Bader, €68 augustinusbader.com; Molecular Hair Super Anti-Aging Scalp Serum, Dr. Barbara Sturm, €90 net-a-porter.com;

5- Hair in winter: adaptation to tips

If we often no longer recognize our hair on holiday in the mountains, it’s because it’s usually in better shape! The air at higher altitudes is cleaner, less polluted, and the water is less calcareous (a real advantage when shampooing). On the other hand, what makes styling more difficult: Static electricity and wearing a ski helmet for several hours at a time. On that note, wise advice from David Lucas for skiers concerned about capillary slack during lunch at a restaurant at altitude: “ When you put on the helmet in the morning, position your hair in the opposite direction to the movement you normally give. So removing it will bring your hair back in the right direction and you’ll end up with a nice volume “. For treatments, go to the nearest spa at least once a week. Before entering the sauna or hammam, shampoo and apply a rehydrating mask whose effectiveness is increased tenfold by the steam. Hair ends up being much more supple. And around them not to wash every night after skiing, cheat: Wet the bangs and/or facial curls, apply a leave-in conditioner and work only this front part with a round brush and a dryer is often sufficient to give a real touch of glamor to the whole hair.In the same idea, to distance yourself from shampoos, think also of dry shampoo, whose new formulas are excellent for restoring the body.

Sweet list: Marvelous Argan and Camellia Leave-in Conditioner, Ultra-Doux Garnier, €4.50*** ; Elsève Hyaluron Repulp Mask, L’Oréal Paris, €6.10***; Nutriplenish Light Hydration Mask, Aveda, €44; Holiroots Hair Mask, Fable & Mane, €31, at Sephora; Absolute Kératine Ultimate Repairing Mask, René Furterer, €23**; Volume dry shampoo with organic flax, Klorane, €9.90**

6. Hair in winter: avoid heating devices

In winter we do without heaters as much as possible advises hairstylist Delphine Courteille (delphinecourtille.com). Little – or no – smoothing of the plates. To dry the hair after shampooing, first spray an anti-drying thermal protection treatment, limit the temperature of the dryer to the maximum and finish with a cold air stream. Then it’s a good idea to refine the styling with leave-in treatments or hair masks used as day creams on the lengths to soften, gain, plump, shine…

full shapes): Moisture and Heat Protection Mist, Elenature, €28 elenature.com; Creme 230, Sisley, €76.50*; Chroma Absolu Anti-Frizz Thermal Serum, Kérastase, €31.10 kerastase.fr; Strengthening care mask, Delphine Courteille, €50 delphinecourtille.com; NaturalTech Replumping Hair Filler Superactive, Davines, €32.40 davines.com

Text by Olivia Segot. Styled by Dominique Bishop. Styling assistant Clémence Guillerm. Makeup Carole Lasnier. Hairstyle Vincent de Moro. * in perfumeries and department stores. ** in pharmacies and parapharmacies *** in supermarkets

Copyright: Bruno Poinsard – Dominique Eveque

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