Understand everything about the repair fund for everyday devices

Making repair a reflex is the government’s new hobbyhorse to encourage more responsible consumption. While a whole sector, until now a niche, is being organized and developed, the legislator has decided to tackle the price problem. Because if repairing an everyday device is significantly more ecological than throwing it away, it often costs more than buying a new one.

New grants

To put an end to this price deterrent, the Anti-Waste Law for a Circular Economy of February 10, 2020 provides for the creation of a series of repair assistance funds for different product categories. Thanks to manufacturers’ contributions, these jackpots must make it possible to fund a “bonus repair” that is deducted directly from the bill when households hire an authorized repairer to restore an out-of-warranty device to working condition.

Four of the six target industries are required to implement this new system during 2022 for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), toys, sporting and leisure goods, and home improvement and gardening goods. Clothing, shoes and household linen will follow in the coming years. However, the refund amount varies depending on the type of device being repaired. Large household appliances, smartphones, computers and televisions, which should benefit from the largest repair grants, are given priority. However, the exact scope has yet to be determined.

An impartial observatory

While this program is slowly being built up – a national network of authorized repairers has yet to be established – a repair fund observatory for electrical and electronic equipment has been set up in cooperation with the eco-organizations of the sectors and placed under the responsibility of the CLCV. As the association states in a press release, it has made it its mission “to study consumer behavior in relation to repairs, while identifying the factors that encourage it”, using data provided by these eco-organizations.

In addition, the CLCV has already “established a price watch to study as closely as possible the impact of this financial support”. The association will not fail to publish the results of these observations on its website Clcv.org.

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