Three Arlon residents fell victim to high-flying scammers: one lost €70,000

The Agrefins in particular made three victims in Arlon, where Andrian Jelic also had a good address to have forged papers made.

The episode that concerns the first inhabitant of Arlon reveals the modus operandi of the gangsters who share more than twenty unscrupulous facts that have been reproduced identically.

A buyer of fake watches

In this first case, in 2013, a resident of Arlon offered a house in Portugal for sale. He is contacted by a supposed Mr. Marquis and an appointment has been made at a hotel. The alleged buyer immediately offered to exchange Swiss francs for euros. To hear it, he had a large sum of “black” money and was ready to make a very advantageous exchange. Incidentally, the later plaintiff also stated that he wanted to sell a Breitling watch that would be of great interest to the so-called Marquis. A second meeting took place the next day and 13,000 Swiss francs were exchanged for 10,000 euros. A third appointment was made at the Ikea parking lot in Sterpenich. The alleged marquis should come with the equivalent of 200,000 euros in Swiss francs. But before the meeting, he asked the Arlonais to come with €70,000 in cash. And the victim fell into the trap. In fact, his interlocutor came, got into the car and asked him for the money and the watch. He got out of the vehicle to allegedly retrieve the agreed sum from his car. He didn’t come back.

A complaint was made and on October 29, 2013 Arlon Criminal Investigation Department conducted an operation during which Andrian Jelic was arrested and exposed. He was formally recognized by the plaintiff.

Guided by boat

In the second file, another Arloner offered a boat for sale and he was contacted by a so-called Wyttenbach who promised him mountains and wonders and also said he was interested in buying watches and jewelry. Convinced by the demonstration, the later complainant sent it to a friend who wanted to get rid of valuables. Just before the final meeting, the alleged Wyttenbach called the Arlonais that he had just felt unwell but that he could have full confidence in his son, who would be arriving shortly. And indeed, a so-called David appeared there. This David wanted to take the watches and jewelry to check the quality, but his interlocutors were against it. In return for the jewelry, the suspect pulled out a wad of money and fled. And for good reason, they were fake banknotes!

The third Arlon case is of the same nature

In the end, the Brussels Court of Appeal broadly upheld the first instance verdict, except that astronomical confiscations were imposed on Andrian Jelic and his right arm, Dani Perez. The first gets 720,000 euros and the second more than 600,000 euros.

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