This intelligent flooring generates electricity

When it comes to generating green energy for your home, solar panels come to mind. However, did you know that you can also produce it yourself while going about your daily activities?

Researchers have actually studied the ability of special wooden floors to generate electricity when walked on. They finally published the results of their study this smart floor and they are very promising.

A study in the ecological trend

In this study, the two spruce boards used received a special treatment. One has been treated with silicone and the other with metallic nanocrystals. At the end of this treatment, the final product shows a 80 times more energy efficient than untreated wood. The power generation of this treated wood can last up to 1,500 cycles.

The phenomenon in question is identical to static electricity. The friction of a woolen sweater against the hair creates this static electricity. L’Triboelectric effect generates electricity due to the different electric charge between two materials. The person walking on the smart floor generates energy thanks to the friction between their feet and the wooden tiles. This phenomenon also occurs with thinner wood than that used here.

The electricity generated can very well power a lightbulb. Researchers even showed that the energy harvested could power electrochromic windows. The latter changed opacity when given an electric charge.

A smart floor that reduces your energy consumption

It is easy to imagine a house with walls and floors covered with this type of tile. That smart floor would passively generate a good amount of electricity thanks to the friction of its occupants’ feet going about their business.

The generated energy but could not fulfill all wishes everyday life of its residents. However, it would be of great help to reduce the energy consumption of a household. It could power low-power smart home devices without having to connect them to the mains power supply.

This system could also be used on public roads. very Unfortunately, only a few are convinced of this the relevance of its large-scale deployment. Solar or wind parks attract interest from both investors and private individuals in relation to the production of green energy.

For the time being this project is on hold in the research phase. Whether it will be possible to bridge the gap between technological demonstration and operational product in the real world is not yet known.

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