these effective stones to chase your negative energies

Lithotherapy can be perceived as completely crazy, strange or, on the contrary, a real method of alternative medicine that can free us and develop our self-esteem. If you want to get started with this new meditation method, there are a few important things you need to know and know about these stones. First of all, you should know that it is not you who choose your stones, but the opposite, as dictated by Reset. The feeling plays a huge role and that’s why you have to do it”feel attracted to the stone, rely on feeling and intuition“. In addition, it is important to know the method of recharging your new object. Once done, you can begin your relaxation sessions with peace and serenity. For more advice, do not hesitate to contact the sites specialized in lithotherapy !

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A natural way to get rid of bad vibes

With the not so good news and the rainy weather of the past few days, you quickly feel a drop in energy and morale. To deal with the negative energies swarming around you, grab your stones and fill up on good vibes! Among the effective stones in this type of situation, you can turn to 5 stones:

The eye of the tiger: this stone with a mystical name is very effective against negative influences. Reset recommends placing the stone over your door to avoid “outside attacks”. ” It has what is called a mirror effect because it sends bad waves back to its transmitter. But it can also protect people who have too much empathy and who would be overwhelmed by the negative energies or thoughts of other people or even certain places. “.

Citrine: With its beautiful yellowish color, almost reminiscent of honey, citrine is useful to fight against our own negative thoughts. The vibrations associated with this stone restore some motivation, a boost of energy in times of stress, anxiety or fear. In order for its positive energy to spread as widely as possible in your home, Reset recommends that you place it in a “through axis”.

Amethyst: equipped with aDeep purple and enchanting, amethyst has strong protective power. Widely used in meditation, it cleanses our body and mind for complete inner well-being. ” It will allow people who tend to think too much to free themselves from their thoughts ‘ says Reset.

Black Tourmaline: The black tourmaline is energetic and literally absorbs the magnetic waves emitted by antennas, telephone waves or static electricity. Unlike most stones, this one does not purify itself because it “repels rather than absorbs” all bad energies. Black tourmaline warms our heart, relieves us of stress and Placed under the pillow, it lets you fall asleep quickly »

Amazonite: With its cute exotic name and sparkling blue color, this stone will be your best ally if you are ever feeling nervous or anxious. Amazonite promotes positive thoughts, spontaneity and joie de vivre. In addition, it encourages those who use it to open up to others.

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