These eco-friendly yarn balls reduce drying time of clothes by up to 50%

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Ecologically and economically, these balls of wool halve the drying time of the laundry (Photo: Amazon)

The laundry is clearly not the most exciting job. But there are a few tricks to make it more pleasant and above all… more ecological.

We told you about a pair of little rubber feet that catch hair, hair and lint that’s stuck to clothes in the washing machine. This time it was little balls of yarn to slip into the dryer that caught our attention.

An alternative to classic dryer sheets, they can significantly reduce drying time – up to 40% depending on brand and up to 50% depending on user – while softening and smoothing laundry.

What is that ?

The six wool dryer balls are handmade from high-quality New Zealand natural wool. They dry clothes evenly, absorb stains, reduce static electricity and shorten drying time, leaving clothes soft and less wrinkled.

They contain no chemicals or plastics. And therefore do not release any toxic residues in the water or on the skin. Unlike disposable dryer sheets, they can be used hundreds of times. By reducing the drying time, they limit the power consumption, which is quite high in this type of device. After all, they protect clothing from wear and tear and keep it in top shape for longer.

Sopito Wool Dryer Balls | €12.99 instead of €13.99

Sopito wool dryer balls

Sopito wool dryer balls


You can add drops of essential oils to naturally perfume your laundry with your favorite scent.

How it works ?

Balls of yarn prevent clothes from clumping together as they dry. They also speed up the drying process by storing the heat from the dryer and distributing it individually to the damp laundry.

To use them, simply throw them in the dryer drum with your freshly washed clothes.

“The drying time has been reduced by 50%”

Amazon buyers quickly fell for these eco-friendly dryer balls, giving it a 4.5-star rating from over 980 reviews.

“I couldn’t do without it! Soft, crease-free laundry with a shorter drying time! I put a few drops of essential oils or a natural scent on the balls and the laundry smells good…” says a happy buyer.

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“Bought dryer balls to help dry my cotton sheets and towels. I am not disappointed with my purchase. After three months of use they are like new. The drying cycle time has been reduced by approximately 30 minutes for a load of 4 to 5 kg. Also my energy consumption has decreased as a result…”

“I bought these balls hoping to reduce drying time in the dryer and make my laundry less wrinkled. I would say a winning bet as the drying time has been reduced by more than 50%,” explains another.


Priced at $12.99, Sopito Dryer Balls are an affordable way to save money, time and energy. They are natural, 100% ecological and gentle on the most sensitive skin, including babies.

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