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The French Days continue this weekend. Cdiscount, Amazon, Boulanger or Fnac show their best offers. It’s the last straight line to take advantage of it, have fun and save big at the same time.

The French Days begin their fourth day. For this Saturday, the main players of the operation such as Cdiscount, Amazon, Fnac and even Leclerc unveil their best offers. It is therefore the last straight line to do good business because, as a reminder, the French spring days of 2022 end this Monday.

With the variety and the impressive number of offers from Cdiscount and others, it is not easy to find your way around. To make things easier for you and to help you find the right plan, here’s a list of the best deals that are still relevant this Saturday. Note that the following discounts are not permanent – and usually expire within a few hours.

French Days: Black Friday Made in France

Although heavily inspired by Black Friday, the French Days remain an event limited to the national level. As the name suggests, this event is mainly aimed at the French public. Six major French brands, including Cdiscount and Fnac, are behind the operation.

The latter created the first edition of the French Days in spring 2018 together with four other French retailers. Over time, the event became more and more popular. So much so that gradually dozens of other (foreign) merchants joined the movement. These include the two e-commerce giants Amazon and AliExpress.

For the past 4 years, the French Days have become an unmissable annual event for the French. The Spring Days of the French will take place from Wednesday 4th to Monday 9th May this year. At the end of these few promotional days, the offers will disappear and return to “normal” prices. What accounts for the success of the French Days is in particular the premium quality of the offers.

Cdiscount, Boulanger, Darty offer discounts on popular products, covering a wide range of offers that cover accessible references (like the Xiaomi electric air pump or the connected scale) – but also more upscale products (AirPods Pro, MacBook Air, Roborock vacuum cleaners etc…). Unlike the sell-off, the French days are not considered a major destocking. It’s more of a premium operation, and that’s exactly the reason for its success.

The best offers of the French Days

For the French Days, Cdiscount is undoubtedly the e-tailer that presented the most offers. AliExpress and Co. are not far away. The Chinese giant stands out from its French counterparts by offering unbeatable discounts on extremely popular products. At home, the bestsellers are the Mi Pad 5 touchscreen tablet, the Tineco Floor One S3 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner, the Roborock Dyad or the Xiaomi electric air pump, certainly the bestseller of the summer. .

For the French Days, all retailers strive to offer the best prices. It’s also not surprising to see similar offers from multiple brands, e.g. B. Amazon joining Cdiscount, or vice versa, it is the order of the day. We think of the MacBook Air M1, which has been given a discount of 130 euros to be exhibited at 999 euros both at the French retailer and the American giant.

During the French Days you can save big in all product categories. As a reminder, the French Days are held twice a year – in May in spring and in September in autumn. The May issue is particularly popular with the French, as this time of action is very quiet. September is not so interesting as everyone prefers to wait for the unmissable Black Friday deals.

Since the beginning of these French Days, both Cdiscount and its counterparts have experienced stock shortages. This weekend is proving to be crucial for people looking to do good business. Also, some retailers that are a little further behind (such as Boulanger, Carrefour and Leclerc) risk unveiling new offerings. We must therefore remain vigilant and do not hesitate to check our list of French Days offers, regularly updated throughout the weekend.

Discover the French days

Shop safely online at French Days

French Days requires a lot of responsiveness as most of the deals are in the form of flash sales. And given the popularity of premium products targeted for discounts (which can sometimes reach up to -80%), it’s sometimes quite difficult to show up in time to take advantage of them. Apple products like the AirPods Pro or the MacBook Air M1 are the perfect examples.

Logically, the more interesting the offer, the less likely it is to stay online for long. If you are in a hurry to buy a product and it arrives at your home, you can use a cooling off period. It is offered by Cdiscount, AliExpress, Fnac and in general by all other retailers that participate in French Days or not.

Specifically, this legal obligation in France allows you to return the product free of charge within 14 days of receipt of the product. Upon return, a full refund will be arranged by the relevant retailer. Note that from this point of view, only Amazon offers 30 days for this cooling off period.

French Days, Black Friday, Prime Day, Cdiscount and its counterparts therefore offer you the opportunity to order online without risk on their website. Thanks to the return policy, you can change your mind if you don’t like what you ordered. We remind you that this weekend is the last straight line to take advantage of the French Days offers that end this Monday, May 9th. Now is the time to take advantage of it.

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