The TikTok trick to avoid electric hair that will change your life

It’s a daily struggle for some and some of us. Static electricity often puts our hair in a sad state. A tip straight from Tik Tok puts an end to this ordeal.

Some aluminum and done

The one who puts an end to hair problems that are difficult to tame due to static electricity is called Maria Aiello. This is a British hairdresser who is a hit on social networks by regularly posting tutorials. Among the little tips she shares with her subscribers, one caught our attention. And for good reason, it’s been effective and even gone viral on TikTok. To fight against the electricity that very often ruffles our hair, Maria Aiello uses aluminum foil, easy. Just put the famous paper on her hair and you’re done. The video posted by the hairdresser speaks for itself.

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A technique that works under all circumstances

Obviously, many were those who tried the experiment, and by all means they did. Everything has been tried, from frizzy hair to hair that stands up when exposed to electricity. Definitely that’s what famous beauty influencer Huda Kattan. Story To complete the experience, she even passed a balloon over her hair to maximize the static effect. To her surprise, the foil had magically tamed her hair.

In fact, it is a material that retains static charge. If the trick is easy and costs next to nothing, it could well save time when it comes to applying it to your hair every morning. A time saver straight from the creativity of Maria Aiello and validated by Huda Kattan. All you have to do is test the tutorial!

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