The Swiss do without oil and gas: the demand for heat pumps is increasing


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Green heating is on the rise: many Swiss people want to do without fossil oil and gas in their boiler room. At STIEBEL ELTRON Switzerland, the demand for heat pump heating systems has reached an all-time high. According to the survey, around 80% of consumers consider it important to no longer be dependent on oil and gas imports. This is the result of the current Energy Trend Monitor. 1,000 Swiss people were surveyed representatively by a market research institute on behalf of STIEBEL ELTRON.

“Since January, demand for heat pumps has increased significantly again and is now at an all-time high,” says Chris Knellwolf, member of the management board at STIEBEL ELTRON Switzerland. “This trend is the result of informed decisions. In fact, installing a heat pump means getting rid of oil and gas in the boiler room.”

Heating with environmentally friendly energy

The sale of heat pumps has almost doubled in Switzerland in seven years. Around 34,000 systems were sold in 2021. According to the latest sales figures, the ecological turnaround is now taking on a new dimension. The reason: the sharp increase in the price of heating oil and natural gas is making ecological heating technology even more competitive.

77% want to get rid of climate-damaging heating systems

In principle, the heat pump works like a refrigerator: The thermal energy is extracted from the ambient air, the soil or the groundwater and transferred to the heating circuit. “If the electricity comes from your own roof, the heat pump works 100% CO2-free,” explains Knellwolf. The Swiss are attached to it. According to the energy trend monitor, 77% of those surveyed support the goal of doing without climate-damaging heating systems. The Confederation, cantons and municipalities provide financial support for households to install renewable heating systems. However, hardly every second respondent knows about these support programs.

“Anyone who decides to install a heat pump should find out about current funding measures beforehand,” says Knellwolf. “Our experts can guide you here, just as they can help you to select a suitable system.” Ultimately, it is important to ensure the correct order of implementation: first apply for funding, then start with the installation.

Information on current subsidy programs for heat pumps can be found here:


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