the recurring problem of descent

Cigale’s LGBTIQ+ team accompanies more and more lesbian couples in their parenting process.

Mylène Porta, who has been in charge of the training and maintenance of the LGBTIQ+ Cigale center for the past year, is receiving more and more inquiries from lesbian couples about family:

“For three or four months the demands are rising sharply. Couples ask many questions about the process of assisted reproduction, parentage, the professional and social recognition of the two mothers, the best possible arrival of the child, etc. Hence the idea of ​​creating a self-help group (read below) so that they can share with others who share or have been there the same realities“, She explains.

Recurring problems include the automatic non-recognition of the co-parent at birth, a major source of anxiety and insecurity, but also complications related to the legal framework applicable to binational couples in the country of origin of the second mother, because it is the one that prevails. Faced with these legal imbroglias, the LGBTIQ + Cigale Center is preparing to open a permanent position with a lawyer to study specific cases.

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Being a lesbian in Luxembourg: “Mentalities are slowly changing”

structural violence

There’s also a whole socio-educational support component while the come out Being a lesbian will remain difficult in Luxembourg in 2022: “I’ve experienced family dramas, even if it’s the minority. We need time to recognize and accept ourselves, just like those around us,” the professional recalls, pointing out that it is a complex process at the end of which we have to face reality.

“Not only do lesbians not have the same rights, they are also confronted with structural violence,” she continues, listing some examples from the interview.

“LThe judicial procedures to recognize the mother who did not carry the child to term can take months: imagine the pain of not being recognized as the mother of your child, especially in the case of a life complication.‘ said the coach.

A period when these mothers cannot claim leave – maternity, parent or sick child.

Among the acts of violence, Mylène Porta also cites certain gynecological gestures that are sometimes experienced very badly because the doctors lack empathy. Or this couple who were denied a childbirth class because of their sexual orientation. Without forgetting the administrative documents that mention mrs/mr or father/mother.

“Every day there is progress, but our world remains heteronormative. And even when there’s a desire for openness, the depictions are very stereotypical,” she sighs.

L-Moms: a new group for moms

On the impulse of Le Cigale, a brand new support group for mothers or mothers-to-be in a lesbian or single couple will be launched tomorrow. The goal: to exchange experiences, to share useful information for children and parents, to promote the rights of lesbians in Luxembourg, but also just to meet.

English France. Free participation. The first meeting of the group will take place tomorrow at 6.30 p.m. in Cigale, 16 rue Notre-Dame in Luxembourg.

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