the Maitrank Celebrations back in a new formula

Smell that sweet smell of fragrant woodruff pervading the streets of downtown Arlon? No question: The traditional Maitrank festival will take place again in a few days. The members of the Festival Commission, the linchpins of the organization, are currently fine-tuning the final preparations to make this festival weekend unforgettable after a two-year absence due to the health crisis.

The complete program on the website:

A true institution that attracts thousands of onlookers to the center of the capital, The Maitrank festival takes place this Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May. Once is not usual, the night owls have to juggle with a new offer: the works of the Place Léopold. In addition, the celebrations will be relocated and exceptionally located at Rue Paul Reuter and Place des Chasseurs Ardennais. “This new configuration offers several advantages, most notably the large space for numerous activities. Our goal is for everyone to be entertained.” Details of the organizers. The general free event will be maintained.

The program for Saturday 21

that Saturday May 21st is specially loaded with various animations. From 15 clock, rue Paul Reuter, which has been pedestrianized for the occasion, will be open to the public. Visitors can discover various street entertainment (wooden games, bouncy castles)totally free and treat yourself to the ten food trucks present for the occasion. Concerts also take place all day long on the square in front of the town hall.

In addition, tradition is respected: the inauguration of the Maitrank fountain, an essential tradition that officially opens the celebrations, takes place in front of the community at 5 p.m. A musical procession coming from the courtyard of the Tourist Office will bring joy and good humor to this unmissable moment.

Another novelty, the small Maitrank fair, which is usually installed on Schalbertplatz, will be an integral part of the entertainment offer for visitors. Indeed, some showmen will make their way to Rue Paul Reuter and set up their shops in front of the municipal administration. This further enhances the festive and good-natured character of the Maitrank celebrations.

The Place des Chasseurs Ardennais will be accessible from 6 p.m in advance (10€) for a musical and festive evening. Three renowned artists will take the stage: Raphael Rufo, our local representative at The Voice; The Kilt, a rock group of 4 crazy 30-somethings who have been criss-crossing our country for ten years; and finally Mister Cover, the Belgian group specializing in covers and known for their energetic concerts.

The return of the Maitrank celebrations also coincides with the return of the mythical OSpring Air Maitrank. At Place Hollenfeltz, the ball will take place in the same configuration as usual. Enough to warm up the thousands of young people from Arlon who are determined to make up for lost time. Four artists will set the mood: Sono Breakout, DJ Micka Portugal, DJ Nas and above all DJ. ART, the famous DJ from our province on the poster for Tomorrowland; Your mission will be to set the city center on fire. Advance sales for €5 are possible in the cafeterias in Espace Hollenfeltz. Speaking of canteens, let’s not forget that, as tradition dictates, they will set up their most beautiful terraces in the whole city throughout the weekend.

The program for Sunday 22

that Sunday May 22nd, the Maitrank concert “Aperitif” will take place from 11:30 a.m. on the Place des Chasseurs Ardennais with free admission. Then, from 2:30 p.m., there will be a giant blind test moderated by the incredible Pascal Michel. Music lovers will need to brainstorm and use their musical knowledge to recognize the tracks being broadcast. Advance table reservations are required for those interested in attending. Participation is €36/team of 6 players. Apart from the area reserved for the blind test, the rest of the Place des Chasseurs Ardennais will remain free for everyone.

Rue Paul Reuter is not topped: Various entertainment and concerts will punctuate the Sunday day. From 2 p.m. the children are spoiled. A completely free show will be dedicated to them on the square in front of the Town Hall. Accompanied by their parents, our dear darlings can immerse themselves in an imaginary and colorful world for the duration of an animation that will conjure up stars in their eyes. Fun guaranteed!

The icing on the cake: families with children do not miss out. A prominent place will be reserved for them. In fact, they will be able to gather in a warm and friendly spirit. Wooden games, bouncy castles and various street activities are accessible free of charge on both Saturday and Sunday. The goal is for everyone, young and old, to be able to enjoy the festivities throughout the weekend.

A unique poster

Last but not least, as you may have noticed, the poster for the 2022 Maitrank edition is quite unique. This was created by Arlon artist Fabien Dardar following the Arlon Tourist Office drawing competition. “Nostalgic for posters from the Belle Époque, I wanted to orientate myself in this direction with the traditional watercolor technique. The themes treated are numerous: forests, Arlon folklore, shimmering colors and a childlike spirit”.

There’s no question about it: The Arlon vibrates with its favorite drink for a whole weekend and the quality of the festive offering shines far beyond its walls.

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