The Libramont small fair will not return until 2023

And just a few kilometers from the Libramont exhibition center

In one weekend, the Little Fair, considered an alternative to the Libramont Agricultural Fair, has attracted up to 10,000 visitors during its recent editions.

However, this meeting proposes to present a different model than the one presented at the Libramont fair.

In terms of visibility, the dates of the weekend of the Petite Foire, also organized at the end of July, are based on those of LIbramont.

But while the big agricultural crowd will be back next July after two consecutive cancellations due to the Covid crisis, the Small Faire will not take place.

The organization prefers to take another year off, but better come back in 2023. The coordination team should communicate about this decision this week.

The peculiarity of the Small Fair, when it has its own audience, visitors to Libramont take the opportunity to sometimes stop in Semel along the way.

Where the atmosphere is very different. The organization has found a farm in a place where farming activities take place all year round. Exhibitors – producers, artisans or associations – must also agree with the philosophy of the Petite Foire in order to participate.

So there is a contrast to the “big” Libramont Fair and its 200,000 visitors. There is also no entrance fee for visitors and the entire organizational team works on a voluntary basis. It is mainly peasant farming on a human scale and short circuits.

The Mouvement d’Action Paysanne (MAP), which is behind the organization of the Small Faire, runs campaigns throughout the year on these different themes.

Thoughts were revived

La Petite Foire also wants to be a moment of reflection by organizing an exchange. Even if it means asking internal questions.

In 2019, the last year before Covid, the MAP had also decided to no longer organize a farmer’s market, to focus the two days of the weekend of events on Sunday and in particular to refocus on exchanges.

Because La Petite Foire was not a commercial event, its organization did not necessarily aspire to grow.

She, too, has not completely ignored the past two years, but has adapted.

As with the Libramont Fair, it is impossible to organize a “classic” small fair in 2020 given the health restrictions related to the Covid crisis.

Nevertheless, two years ago, “small” petites foires were organized on a small scale throughout Wallonia and Brussels in summer and autumn.

And last year, MAP Farm Schools took center stage with six moments of discovery.

In 2023 the MAP celebrates its 25th anniversary. La Petite Foire should then return just a stone’s throw from Libramont.

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