The intrepid Aralunaires took possession of Arlon by Sunday


The daring and intimate festival resumed operations this Wednesday in a joyful atmosphere, always with the same format that has made it successful for 12 years. We tell you about that first light day from the city of Arlon. The celebrations continue until Sunday.

Something is happening in central Arlon on this sun-soaked afternoon. A small troupe cavorts in front of the old Hotel du Nord, the tips of silver hats can be seen in the distance, a marching band prepares to depart… A royal visit like no other prepares to celebrate the Aralunaires, festival of a new genre that was born twelve years ago. It is none other than the carnival prince of Schaerbeek, “His Majesty McCloud I” who comes to grace the city of Arlon with his presence.

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Musically active since 1988, Prince McCloud’s fate took a decisive turn in 2008 when he missed a plane from Brussels, then discovered our beautiful capital while strolling the streets and decided to settle here to pursue his diverse artistic projects pursue. American McCloud – originally from Washington state – becomes a hybrid artist in our kingdom (or rather “his” kingdom of Schaerbeek), able to throw you alternative Japanese sounds like notes of experimental Anglo-Saxon music.

Her Majesty McCloud. ©DR.

‘De Prins’ gained a reputation through his many avatars (Le Ton Mité, The Lover BE, Hoquets and Linus Vandewolken) and became a famous Brussels celebrity. A journey that will lead him to his throne in 2020. Never closed to pairings with other horizons, he came this year to inaugurate the ball of the happy Aralunaires, a music festival that is celebrating its thirteenth edition.

From a folk festival to an intimate jazz show to a timeless performance

Supported by his group DE GILDE feat. DIZZY SWEET, McCloud marched to Saint Martin’s Church this Wednesday, where a performance whose secret only he holds illuminated the lucky ones in attendance. Beyond the folklore, the undeniable musical quality was there, McCloud shifting between rap, jazz or folk with disconcerting ease. The Aralunaires were able to take off for the stars under the best of omens. The crowd then flocked to L’Entrepôt, the festival’s main concert hall, for more joyous discoveries.

Less folklore here, but just as much musical delight: Bésau, or the man who brilliantly updated the trumpet, rocks our ears with his sweet melodies and accompanied by his super talented band. A jazz and contemporary music that takes you away, unloads and gets back in shape. From the Prince of Schaerbeek to the Trumpet King, the audience seems overwhelmed. And it’s only just begun.

the Aralunarians
Beseau. © Johan Poezevara.

Back to the first square, the Saint Martin church, where we walk to hear the solo project of Antoine Wielemans, the singer of Girls in Hawaii. And above all, to see the delicious scenography installed in the parish, classified as an Important Heritage of Wallonia. Enchantingly, the show takes on the appearance of a melodious and poetic mass. Les Aralunaires is above all this: taking you from a folklore party to an intimate jazz show, only to whisk you away to a timeless performance in a place of worship.

We now know the route well and the Warehouse awaits us for the show that will end the evening. It’s Sopico and his unique project that combines rap and guitar that welcomes us, the tone crescendoing to take us to a frantic pace. Cheering and harmonious, the show electrifies the crowd, which ends up going wild. A complete success for the Parisian who manages to establish a sincere relationship with his audience. Diverse, the Aralunaires’ program aims to be generous and unabashed, shifting genres with a desire to constantly surprise us. If Arlon wanted to land on the moon, we tell ourselves that the city would fear no danger, well backed by the performance of its music lords.

Les Aralunaires – From Wednesday April 27th to May 1st, Arlon – Tickets via this link

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