The IFAPME Luxembourg Center celebrates its 60th anniversary: ​​here are the key moments in its history

On Friday evening, the director of IFAPME Luxembourg, Baudouin Stevens, returned to the key moments of the training center at the LEC in Libramont.

“It all started in 1962 on the Rue de la Sawmill side in Libramont he explains. This is where the IFAPME was born, which was then called the Interprofessional Center for Education and Training. It was created by professional associations and funded by the Ministry for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. The first administrators at that time were the butchers, printers, mechanics, hairdressers, bakers and confectioners, the trade association for clothing and construction”.

After several changes, it is only in 2012 that we speak of the Center IFAPME Luxembourg. At the same time, training was also expanded in Arlon in the 1980s and in Marche from 2014.

Three constantly evolving websites

Sixty years later, the Center IFAPME Luxembourg has won an important place in provincial formation.

As a reminder, the center develops qualifying training courses on three sites: Libramont, Arlon and Marche-en-Famenne (Marloie). Over the years, the infrastructures have regularly adapted to changes in training.

Currently IFAPME Luxembourg has more than 1,200 learners, 230 trainers and 36,000 teaching hours throughout the year. Significant numbers that continue to increase over the years.

IFAPME is not limited to on-the-job training. Since 2001, the center has also offered further education. “They enable those who want to improve their skills or acquire new professional knowledge. continues Baudouin Stevens. From 250 registered in 2001 we are up to 2000 people in 2022. With more than 38 different courses on offer.

Fully digitized and networked

Over the years, the IFAPME Luxembourg Center has been able to adapt to the times and to the evolution of technologies. Now the center is definitely digital. “Wi-Fi is ubiquitous and all classes are equipped with an interactive whiteboard, greets the director. A learning platform is also being developed, and the center is equipped with more than a hundred computers, enabling optimal training in more than 90 training courses. .

A center that is constantly evolving and that seems to have good years to come.

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