the good tips to avoid every beautista’s hair nightmare

Once winter arrives, we always feel like we have to deal with new beauty issues, like dry skin, chapped lips, and flat, static manes that twirl around our heads like Einstein’s. . Each of these plagues brings its own frustrations, but electric hair can be particularly annoying. Sometimes, no matter what we do, we just can’t tame high flyers. Central heating, humidity, overzealous brushing… whatever the cause, the hat is no longer the only solution! Here are the ways to fight the electricity in your hair and sport a perfect hairstyle!

Why do I have electric hair?

Static hair occurs when your hair becomes electrically charged, meaning it has gained some extra electrons from friction or a change in humidity. The strands then repel each other, making your mane frizzy and difficult to style.

Electric hair causes and tips to avoid them

On the one hand, since winter air is often little or not at all humid, static electricity is often worse during the season (water is an excellent conductor of energy, so the higher the humidity, the less static electricity is a problem). And those hats we wear in winter to keep us warm? They also make it worse by creating friction as we put them on and take them off throughout the day.

Luckily, there are hair care products and tips that can help restore hair’s normal charge. Below are the top tips to get rid of electric wicks once and for all.

why do i have electric hair

Have you ever had the experience of pulling out your hair and rubbing it on a wool sweater? This phenomenon is due to static electricity and is especially observed in winter. But what about electric hair that ruins your perfect look?

Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

How not to have electric hair

Dampening your hair is the easiest way to ensure it’s outfitted with the moisture it needs to combat frizz, static, and other side effects of time. Start with a good quality shampoo and conditioner designed for dry hair. By using the right hair care products, your scalp will maintain its natural moisture and oil balance and your hair shaft will remain supple and nourished. Try to find cosmetics that are not only nourishing but also sulfate, paraben, silicone and dye free for shiny, smooth and healthy looking hair.

Say goodbye to your towel

How to avoid static electricity

When hair is wet it absorbs a large amount of water and this swelling causes the outer layer called the cuticle to lift. This makes your locks particularly vulnerable. Conventional towels are harsh on your delicate hair, causing breakage and a dry, damaged, frizz-prone mane. In fact, there are other solutions. Try a microfiber or jersey towel to dry your hair. A cotton or jersey t-shirt will also do.

Try dryer sheets to avoid electric hair

how not to have an electric hair dryer sheet

You may have heard about the trick of using dryer sheets on your hair to reduce static electricity. This method is often thought of as a good woman’s fairy tale, but it actually works. Before combing, gently run a dryer sheet over your curls or even over your hairbrush to stop static curls. You can even run it over your pillow one night to keep hair from blowing out while you sleep.

Some companies also make anti-static films specifically designed for hair. They’re enriched with non-sticky polymers and coconut oil for a touch of hold and a little shine.

Forget plastic combs and brushes

How to avoid electric hair wood brushes

Using plastic combs and brushes on your hair can cause static electricity. To remedy this effect, it is advisable to use accessories made of other materials such as boar bristles and wood instead. While metal combs can be helpful, it’s best to avoid them as well, as they can damage the hair shaft and inevitably lead to breakage.

Keep hairspray in your purse

Static electricity hair what to do

This winter, don’t leave your house without your hairspray. It’s the perfect travel companion for taming your mane during the colder months. Simply spritz your comb with hairspray and apply from root to tip. The product helps tame flying animals without making them feel rough or crusty. In addition, the wooden comb itself helps eliminate static electricity.

Oil is your best ally against electric hair

Electric hair oil natural solution

One of the reasons your hair conducts an electrical charge is that it’s dehydrated. In winter, wicks can become dry due to a lack of moisture in the air. It also has to be said that cold wind and room heat do your hair no favours. Give it some smoothness by treating it with a smoothing hair oil. Add it to your routine before styling your hair to lock in moisture and reduce frizz.

In times of crisis, use a moisturizer

How do I remove static electricity from hair?

If you’re leaving the house in a hurry and have a static attack, find some moisturizing hand cream in your purse, apply to your palms, and then lightly smooth the ends of your hair for a worry-free antidote. . Don’t apply it to your roots because you don’t want greasy, electric hair.

Change pillowcase

remove static electricity hair

Silk or satin pillowcases not only add a touch of Hollywood glamor to your bedroom, they also protect your cuticles while you sleep. They are gentle on your hair as you twist it. So you will wake up with super healthy, hydrated and lifted locks.

Antistatic hair dryer

Ion hair dryers dry your lengths and damage them less than conventional devices. These styling tools emit negative ions that separate water molecules into smaller particles, allowing for faster evaporation. Negative ions cling to their positively charged counterparts, creating a neutralizing effect and balancing the electrons in your hair. This reduces friction and avoids static electricity in your mane.

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