The emergency center of the province of Luxembourg is hiring

112, 100, 1733 or 1722, numbers that can save lives or bring help. Reliable staff is essential for the operation of call centers. Arlon-Dispatching would like to recruit more than fifteen employees to ensure its continued existence.

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If you choose 100, 112, 1733 or 1722; You arrive here in the hands of a handful of employees who take turns 24 hours a day. A job that Tanguy has been doing for three years.

“What I like most about this job is the urgency. You never know what’s behind a call. You can get into a traffic accident, a building fire, or someone in distress.” explains Tanguy Desmicht, team leader at Plant 112 in Arlon.

More than 500 calls are processed daily for 112 alone. The operators listen to people in need, guide them and send the necessary funds according to very strict protocols.

“Every operator is criminally responsible for his decisions. To help us, we have a Belgian medical prescription manual. This allows us to respond effectively to any situation.”he adds.

But for everything to run smoothly, you need enough staff. The 112 plant in Luxembourg is one of the best equipped in Wallonia, making it a privileged training site for trainees. The problem is that some of them don’t stay in Arlon permanently.

“In the past we often had people from Namur and Liège in training. After a while, as the trips progressed, several people tried to apply to other provincial centers. That’s how we lose these people. We need about 15 new employees”, explains Jean-Michel Grégoire”the head of service 112 in the province of Luxembourg.

Selor therefore organizes recruitment open to everyone and specific to the province of Luxembourg. Experience in the field of emergencies is not required. At least that’s what Marvin, a trained firefighter, observed during his dispatching internship.

“It’s really open to everyone. Someone who doesn’t come from the medical field or the fire brigade will certainly find it easier to integrate than someone who comes from practice and already has concrete ideas in mind,” adds Marvin Lenaert, trainee in Arlon disposition.

After a pre-selection, the candidate can take part in theoretical and practical training for about 3 or 4 months. Only the CESS is sufficient to be able to apply, but this does not prevent certain characteristics from being fulfilled.

“You have to know how to deal with stress and emotions properly. We work nights, weekends and public holidays. You really need good management in general and, above all, empathy and attention to people. It’s really important.”concludes Tanguy Desmicht, team leader at the 112 plant in Arlon.

Applications can be submitted on the Selor website until May 01, 2022.

Nicolas Guidi

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