The CMCM in its new premises

In Hollerich, on the former site of the central printing works, the Caisse Médico-Complémentaire Mutualiste (CMCM) has decided to relocate its headquarters and set up its headquarters in the Rue de Strasbourg. The construction of this new building, designed by Christian Bauer et Associés Architectes, and the relocation of the teams had become necessary due to the growth of the teams.

The premises are located a few meters from the future site of the National Health Fund, in the Cité de la Sécurité sociale (which will eventually house several different social security institutions and administrations).

Several personalities were present at the inauguration: Lydie Polfer, Mayor of the City of Luxembourg, Fernand Etgen, President of the Chamber of Deputies, His Royal Highness the Grand Duke, Fabio Secci, Director General of the CMCM, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, Claude Haagen, Minister of Social Security, André Heinen , President of the CMCM.

(Photo: Guy Wolff/CMCM)


The Grand Duke discovers the products offered at the CMCM concierge.

(Photo: Guy Wolff/CMCM)

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View of the new offices of the CMCM.

(Photo: Guy Wolff/CMCM)

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Corridors lead to the individual offices.

(Photo: Guy Wolff/CMCM)

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Offices of various sizes are offered within the floors.

(Photo: Guy Wolff/CMCM)


CMCM staff have a concierge area.

(Photo: Guy Wolff/CMCM)

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The building makes it possible to offer large meeting rooms.

(Photo: Guy Wolff/CMCM)


Waiting areas are organized on the floors.

(Photo: Guy Wolff/CMCM)

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The reception area implements a wooden layout.

(Photo: Guy Wolff/CMCM)


Works by Jacques Schneider hang at various work stations.

(Photo: Guy Wolff/CMCM)


Visitor rooms are provided to welcome members.

(Photo: Guy Wolff/CMCM)


Various types of meeting rooms are planned.

(Photo: Guy Wolff/CMCM)

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In addition to the public reception and office rooms, employees have access to a concierge service and an equipped kitchen-cafeteria. Charging stations for electric cars have already been installed and charging stations for electric bicycles and scooters are planned and will be completed shortly.

The construction work lasted three and a half years. 86 photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roofs and border five beehives dedicated to education and honey harvesting.

In addition to the CMCM premises, the offices of the National Association of Luxembourg Investment Funds, the Caisse Générale de Prévoyance Mutualiste and the Caisse de Décès Mutualiste are also located here.

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