the Asinerie de l’O celebrated its 20th anniversary

On Friday evening the inauguration of the new barn took place in the presence of the Mayor of Habay, Serge Bodeux and donors. It was the culmination of 10 years of work and more than 200,000 euros of investment, 75% from Infrasport (Walloon Region) and the rest from a large crowdfunding and help from the province, the King Baudouin Foundation and several service clubs such as the Table Ronde d’Arlon, the Jeune Chambre de Gaume and the Lions Laclaireau – Comté de Chiny were supported.

Saturday was all about the reunion of the big Asinerie family in the afternoon and a concert by the group “El Tchiâ Qué Vara” in the evening. Today’s animators could recognize the animators they had almost 20 years ago. That triggered a lot of emotions. More than 200 people of all ages were able to meet in a family and festive atmosphere.

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As a reminder: in 2002 the ASBL was founded around two cowsheds. The first will be converted into a stable, the second, more comfortable, will be dedicated to entertainment. Thanks to the donkeys, internships for children and arbitration sessions for people with disabilities are organized there, but the association quickly realized the need to build a covered carousel. This will happen in 2004. From internships to internships and receptions from institutions to school trips, the structure has to be professionalized with the first appointment of two specialist educators in 2006, then in 2009 a horticultural trainer and a director to coordinate everything.

In 2009 the donkey factory invested in a new, more functional two-story building. In 2018, the donkeys are happy about the arrival of small animals. The term “learning farm” then takes on its full meaning… Chickens, ducks, horses, goats, rabbits… then completed the flock. In May 2021, work began on the conversion of the barn, which was completed earlier in the year. The new building now houses 35 donkeys, half of which come from rescue operations, in complete safety.

The O asinerie offers courses for children aged 2.5 to 12 during the school holidays. The day is organized half with the donkeys and half on the theme.

Contact: 063/433.800 or by email: [email protected]

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