The Aralunaires celebrate Arlon with Maitrank, concerts and a crazy American

On the one hand there is the Maitrank, literally “May drink”, which will be served to you in abundance upon your arrival. In theory, the elixir mixes with white wine, woodruff, cognac and an orange peel, but in reality everyone distills the thing in their corner with their own recipe. It is impossible to escape from whatever the event was celebrating. Not trying it (and trying it again) would be considered a grave insult to the Arlonnais who offer it to you.

After this lively introduction to the local culture, here we are in the streets, a little dazed, to experience another pride of Gaume: the first of five evenings planned by the Aralunaires, a very nice festival of pop, rap -, rock and electro discovery that has existed since 2009 in the heart of Arlon. Around twenty artists will be performing in halls, bars, houses, churches and other historic sites until May 1st. But this Wednesday evening, to celebrate spring and the end of confinement, a strange event is being organized downtown. “Hurry up and finish your drinks”, we are told happily, “the procession is about to start, you can’t miss it”.

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