“The 12 kg of butane gas is subsidized with up to 116 dirhams”

vsThe purpose of this meeting was to enlighten public opinion on the main changes that the energy sector is experiencing in Morocco.

These arouse great interest among Moroccan citizens and economic actors, especially in an international context characterized by instability and the accumulation of political and geostrategic crises.

On this occasion, the Minister announced that Morocco is now facing new challenges caused by the upheavals that the world is currently experiencing. It is :

– Securing the country’s supply of all energy products in a volatile international environment that directly affects the availability of these products as well as their prices;

– Ensuring access to sustainable energy at competitive prices for all citizens and economic and social actors in all regions of the Kingdom;

– Development of the power grid, flexibility of generation and storage methods to support the growth of renewable energy in the national power system;

– Improving energy efficiency and introducing reliable technologies;

– Developing a local industrial fabric and supporting national research and training capacities;

– Improving the legal, regulatory and institutional framework to keep pace with the transformation of the sector;

– Strengthening the attractiveness of investments by strengthening governance, transparency and simplification of administrative procedures and improving the business climate in general.

The purpose of the meeting was also to present the strategic orientations related to the energy transition and to report on the government’s efforts to mitigate the impact of the increase in the price of petroleum products on Moroccan electricity purchases, particularly in relation to their electricity, gas and electricity spending Transport.

“To mitigate the impact of this situation and limit its impact on citizens’ purchasing power, the government has continued to support butane gas, the allocations to the compensation fund increased by 27.6% compared to the previous year», supports Leila Benali.

And to continue: “In the current month a 12 kg bottle of butane gas is subsidized at around 116 dirhams (the actual price of a 12 kg bottle is 156 dirhams) and approximately 30 dirhams for a 3 kg bottle (The actual price for a 3 kg bottle is 40 dirhams).

In addition, electricity prices have not increased, although the prices of fuel and coal, which are currently the two main materials for electricity generation, have increased enormously.

The minister also presented the axes of a new approach aimed at accelerating the energy transition in Morocco, at the service of sustainable development and consistent with the objectives of the new development model.

This approach envisages “the development of renewable energies, new energies and energy efficiency, while at the same time adopting a new policy to transform the natural gas market in order to ensure the flexibility required for the electricity system, which will allow to reduce CO2 and costs and become more competitive improve,” she emphasizes.

And to add: “This approach is also based on accelerating reforms promoting good governance and restructuring the energy products distribution sector, alongside strengthening regional cooperation on transport and energy security, notably by strengthening electricity and gas interconnections” .


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