Test: Ssangyong Korando e-Motion, spot on!

With less than 1,000 registered vehicles last year, Ssangyong is not really the most popular manufacturer in Belgium. The electric version of the Korando called e-Motion proves that there is no shortage of good products. It has everything you need, where you need it, and at a more than respectable price.

From thermal to electric

Stylistically, the Korean brand has done a great job: solid front end, specific rims and a whole range of blue-tinted details. Without being revolutionary, the result is convincing and has the advantage of standing out from the rest of the range.

This electric version is still based on the same architecture as its thermal block cousins. It was therefore necessary to adapt this new engine to an existing chassis. Hidden under the floor is a 61.5 kWh battery that allows for a maximum range of 339 km according to WLTP standards. Thanks to a system that only accepts direct current up to 50 kW, it goes from 20 to 80% state of charge in 54 minutes. Otherwise, the built-in charger agrees to digest AC power up to 6.6 kW. What to claim + – 11h for a full charge at a domestic terminal. The battery then sends its ions to a 190hp and 360Nm of torque motor that powers the front wheels only.

Spacious and well equipped

Inside, the driving position is pleasantly high, typical of an SUV. The driver faces a large 12.3-inch digital instrument panel that can be personalized to your liking! Map, counter, simplified representation, the choice is large. The dashboard is also not neglected. The central screen measures 9 inches, is anti-glare and integrates Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, regardless of the surface. Dual-zone air conditioning, reversing camera, adaptive cruise control, keyless start and emergency brake assist round out the standard equipment. We are aboard this Korando.

That said, there are still some glossy plastics that leave something to be desired and remind us that we’re not on board a premium car. And then, although the designers at Ssangyong have done a good job in terms of styling, this Korando e-Motion probably won’t turn heads either.

If this SUV isn’t perfect, it still has plenty of tricks up its sleeve, starting with its size. Thanks to its wheelbase of 2.675 m, there is space in the back! Small, large and even very large feel comfortable, regardless of the distance to be covered. There is enough space in the trunk to transport the necessary luggage. At 551 l, the electric Korando has the same loading volume as its thermal cousins. Conveniently, this Korean can also tow a 1.5 ton braked trailer! An unusual performance for an electric SUV.

A surprising result

You might as well put your cards on the table: the Korean isn’t particularly dynamic. Its top speed is limited to 156 km/h and Ssangyong doesn’t even communicate 0 to 100 km/h. Although the memories are correct, we will not take us for a driver behind the wheel, but its road behavior is still amazing. This Korando e-Motion is perfectly balanced! He rolls up the corners one after the other without flinching and without ever pushing his driver, even at a more sustained pace.

It can also count on good general noise insulation, making it a pleasant everyday vehicle. We can regret that the suspension tends to be slightly harder, without this being annoying.

A real and good electric

Well equipped, big, healthy, comfortable, definitely, this SUV has everything to please and it’s not over yet! The Ssangyong engineers have also done an excellent job in the “electrical” area. Regenerative braking is well configured and can be adjusted to 3 levels using the paddles on the steering wheel. There are even special symbols on top, fun. It’s a pity, however, that there is no driving with just one pedal…

Its engine also appears to be quite energy efficient. Ssangyong states an average consumption of 16.8 kWh/100 km. After our loop of almost 90 km, the on-board computer showed 18.7 kWh/100 km. It must be said that we have stayed away from any urban environment that generally lowers the consumption of these electric cars. If you are careful it seems possible to reach 300 km on one charge.

Financially interesting

The Korando e-Motion starts at €38,990, a very competitive price for an already well-equipped vehicle. Even the best-equipped version can be exchanged for a still cheap 45,590 euros. With a product like this, Ssangyong hits hard, very hard! To use an electric car with equivalent space and equipment, you either have to break the bank or go to Chinese manufacturers who have little experience and whose sales outlets in Belgium are still few. And if you doubt the reliability of this Korando e-Motion, know that Ssangyong guarantees its cars for 7 years or 150,000 km!

Our verdict

This Korando e-Motion is a great discovery. It doesn’t impose itself as the best electric car of the moment, but it does everything that’s asked of it and it does it well! And at an interesting price. Currently with no real competition, Ssangyong has perfectly placed its first battery SUV. Whether it generates enough “e-motion” to trigger sales remains to be seen…

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