Tebboune backs down on threats against Spain

Spain’s decision to recognize the Sahara as autonomous from Morocco has soured ties with Algeria, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune said, adding that his country would continue to supply gas to Spain and honor its commitments “regardless of the circumstances”. This backtracking by the Algerian President comes after Pédro’s salty response from Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez following the various outings by the Algerian President who accused him of treason.

This statement comes after Spanish President Pedro Sánchez recognized the Sahara as Moroccan autonomy. A position that has jeopardized relations with Algeria, one of Spain’s largest gas suppliers.

A few days after Sanchez returned from his invitation to Morocco, Abdelmadjid Tebboune slammed Pedro Sánchez, whom he accused of violating international law to avoid problems with Morocco, without considering the Spanish state’s relations with Algeria, which ” be strong and firm. Tebboune added that “what Spain has done is ethically and historically unacceptable”.

For his part, Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares reacted this Monday, April 25, provoking “a sterile controversy”.

In the same momentum of breaking everything, the Algerian President hinted in an interview on Algerian public television that Sánchez is the one who has deteriorated this relationship between the two governments. He added that Algeria has “warm relations with Spain” and that the one who “broke everything” was Pedro Sánchez and not Spain.

Abdelmadjid Tebboune finds reason

Since then, diplomatic relations between Algeria and Spain have been walking a tightrope. However, the Algerian president said he was “offering” Sánchez the opportunity to restore those ties, which were made through “respect for international law without ignoring its historical responsibilities.”

To do this, Tebboune urges the Spanish President to provide the real clarifications to “rebuild trust that has been seriously eroded”. However, Algeria has insisted it will honor any agreements with Spain over gas after Algerian energy company Sonatrach warned of the possibility of a “recalculation” of prices.

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