Static electricity: 4 expert tips to avoid the electrical effect on our tights

Like when your hair stands on end, your tights generate static electricity. We tell you why and above all how to avoid this very unpleasant phenomenon!

We have all experienced this phenomenon with tights at least once in our lives! When our flowing skirt or dress no longer coils around our legs but clings resolutely to our thighs, it means they exist static electricity. Aside from not being very aesthetic, it’s downright annoying! However, this phenomenon occurs very often and is due to this Friction between two insulating materials. It’s like ours Tights had a crush on our favorite skirt ! Aside from clothes clinging to our legs, there’s probably an uncomfortable feeling of lightness shock. And luckily, there are several ways to get rid of them. We’ve got four quick and inexpensive tips to try today!

1. Wet your skin to avoid static electricity

Did you know that dry skin increases the likelihood of generating static energy? The reason for this is increased friction between tights and your very dry skin. And to remedy that, there are no 36 solutions! Before putting on your tights, make sure your legs are well moisturized and treated with a rather oily cream or balm. Resists static electricity? Rub a dab of cream into your hands and massage your legs over the pantyhose! You can also use another item in your bathroom to eliminate static electricity: spray paint. Not only does the hairspray freeze the fiber to make your tights more resilient, but it also keeps your dress from sticking to your legs.

2. Use iron to eliminate static electricity

Iron attracts electricity! Because of this, a small iron object can protect you from this unpleasant reaction. Don’t worry, there’s no need to pick up scrap metal from a landfill! A Safety pin under your skirt or thimble in your pocket can absorb all static electricity from a garment. If you have an iron hanger or something similar, run it over your skirt and pantyhose so the metal absorbs the energy generated by the friction.

3. Wet your tights to get rid of static electricity

Water conducts electricity… but it also reduces friction between two dry and hot elements. Moisture can be a game changer in seconds! If the phenomenon of static electricity occurs during the day, All you have to do is go to the bathroom, wet your hands and rub them on your dress or pantyhose. Even more practical, a water sprayer allows you to Spray a very small amount of liquid, sufficient to stop the phenomenon. Keep the spray bottle 12 inches from your legs or skirt to avoid getting wet. Even when dry, your clothes should no longer generate static electricity!

4. Invest in anti-static spray

The ultimate solution to get rid of sticky tights fast is the specialized antistatic electricity spray. This product doesn’t cost much (between 5 and 15 euros depending on the seller) and allows you to make all your clothes impervious to static electricity. You can find it, for example, on Amazon in the normal format or in a mini bottle to take with you everywhere! Be careful not to confuse those made for fabrics with products made specifically for hair.

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