Start of the work of the Pôle Bois in synergy with the Forem Wallonie Bois, IDELUX and the University of Liège

The aim of the wood center is to bring universities, colleges, learners and companies together in one location so that they can join forces in favor of a more sustainable economy.

Wallonia must meet the challenge of industrial transformation and move towards a low-carbon economy that respects resources. To achieve this we need to demonstrate creativity, innovation and collaboration between the different actors in the field. This is why in Wallonia there is VALBOWAL, a consortium made up of universities, research institutes, wood associations, sectoral organizations, clusters, as well as a group of Walloon companies active in the wood sector, from forest management to the finished product and its future development.

For their part, IDELUX, the FOREM Wallonie Bois competence center and ULiège want to be part of this dynamic. So they worked together to create this new center of excellence focused on wood, its uses and its craft. This resource remains one of the essential assets of the Province of Luxembourg that we must use for a better future.

The project, managed by the 3 partners, integrates, on a single site proposed and made available by ULiège’s Arlon campus, a relay hall, a business center and a training center for “sustainable construction”. These new buildings, which will cover an area of ​​1,400 m², will be partly financed by the European ERDF fund and Wallonia for €1,513,323.45.

This new Wood Division, which will integrate many skills, will therefore be an important tool that will contribute to the success of VALBOWAL’s goals.

place of synergy

Bringing together scientists, academics, entrepreneurs and learners in the same place and on the same topic aims to foster collaboration and collective intelligence, leading to interesting opportunities for all.

ULiège’s Arlon campus already specializes in environmental issues. This new “Wood” business area will be a real asset. It is a new ecosystem in which innovative ideas can emerge. In this way, the spin-offs created within the university can test their activities at the business center and/or relay hall level and then develop them in the microeconomic activity park of the site.

end of 2023

The first phase of work begins in mid-March with the preparation of a 46-hectare site and the passage of archaeologists in search of Roman remains. The construction site is scheduled to start in mid-May and last a year and a half.

IDELUX, FOREM Wallonie Bois and ULiège are obviously sensitive to the environmental impact of the site. The trees that have to be felled for the construction of the various infrastructures are compensated by the implementation of a reforestation plan for the entire 6-hectare university campus. This specific landscaping will be implemented at the end of the project. The avenue of tall trees bordering National 4 will be preserved.

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