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Pep’s, glam’, good vibes, the art and the way to get through spring and get ready for the beautiful season. Forbes shares its wellness picks with you.

Charlotte Tilbury, Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil

Dehydrated, irritated, torn, pale, it is weakened that the skin is approaching spring. It is difficult to counteract the effects of the cold for such a long period at the end of autumn-winter, but there is no fatality. The good weather (sporadic at the moment) must be used to regenerate his cells in order to make the transition a success. The queen of radiance, Charlotte Tilbury, worked on collagen, that protein that naturally replenishes our skin, to formulate her new Collagen Superfusion oil. An elixir recently praised by the Iberian star Penélope Cruz at the most glamorous event of the year: the Oscars.

© Charlotte Tilbury

Enriched with a blend of next-generation collagen, potent botanical extracts, vitamins, nourishing botanical oils (avocado, olive, raspberry seed) and soothing essential oils (lavender, neroli, damask rose), this golden nectar heals the epidermis by nourishing it, leaving it unified will. As a protective filter against the many temperature fluctuations that are common in spring, Collagen Superfusion Oil thanks to Magnolia reduces redness while counteracting the signs of skin aging. The complexion becomes fresher as the weeks go by. The celebrity makeup artist will make new friends!

Luxéol Pousse growth and strengthening

The hair, that other battered winter. Very sensitive to seasonal changes, they lose their excellent lack of vitamin D and natural heat. Added to this is the alternation between the icy outside air and the heated interior, which favors the accumulation of static electricity on your mane, the “attacks” are manifold! For some it will only be a matter of lamenting a loss of shine, but for others – a great many – it will be about accelerated or localized hair loss, dehydration, thinning hair follicles… It is therefore appropriate to stimulate your hair fiber, regardless of your care ritual.

© Luxeol

Dietary supplements are ideal to respond to these problems, such as Luxéol Pousse Croissance et Fortification. The hair specialist, the brand whose cradle is in the south of France, finds its origins in the combination of two essential natural elements: “Lux” light and “Éole” the wind. The range consists of 6 food supplements and 9 cosmetic references and is based on different active principles: plants, vitamins, minerals, vegetable oils and patented ingredients. The often quarterly treatments have an effect on reducing hair loss or on the beauty of the hair.

Liposomal Vitamin C from Altrient

Bella Hadid, Justin Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian…are early fans. This little orange pouch has been embraced by a wider circle more than ever because of these multiple virtues in times of a pandemic. Altrient boosts its metabolism, which requires vitamin C, a nutrient contribution that tends to be lacking. In the course of evolution, humans have lost the ability to synthesize this vitamin, so that even with a perfect diet, there is always a deficiency that is exacerbated by the change of season. Two years of research were required for LivOn Labs laboratories to develop the liposomal encapsulation technique applied to dietary supplements.

© Altrient

As a pioneer in this field, LivOn Labs has patented this encapsulation process, capable of achieving a bioavailability in cells of close to 100% (ie 98%): a figure comparable to other forms of nutritional supplementation (capsules, powder, … ) cannot be compared, which is just approaching the range of 10% to 15%. Beyond the numbers, we’re excited to include Altrient Vitamin C in our healthy routine for its benefits observed over time: boosted immunity, natural collagen production booster that improves skin elasticity, renewed energy… For once, they explain themselves the beautiful people willing to share one of their feel-good secrets!

Perfume of absolute value

A perfume, yes, but not just any! It is carefully selected so that olfactory pleasure goes hand in hand with well-being by infusing aromachology and lithotherapy. For the layman, it is about improving mood through the influence of smells – especially aromatic plants – to stimulate good energies. Or the art of positively influencing the nervous system with neurocosmetics. Nothing metaphysical, because the effects are so well documented that aromachology is elevated to the rank of a science. Absolute Value also contains all the secrets of lithotherapy, another science interested in the benefits of semi-precious stones.

© Harmonie, NGOLD Gstaad

Its vibrations bring harmony and calm to body and mind. The perfume brand of Swiss origin has worked with specialists to define the best combination between fragrance and stones (quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, jade, citrine, etc.) to give each juice a unique identity. Vitality, joy, radiance, red passion… everyone can activate the mood that suits them or stimulate this intention thanks to the skillful help of lithotherapy and aromachology. At a time when the weather is blowing hot and cold, Valeur Absolue is a great way to keep the compass. So classy!

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