SOMMIÈRES Butagaz installs an automatic gas bottle dispenser

The southern Gard communes where Butagaz has installed an ATM (photo DR)

Butagaz, a multi-energy and multi-service provider, is installing a new 24-hour gas cylinder dispenser in Sommières. It is located in the Intermarché store, Chemin de Campagne.

The new innovative Butagaz 24/24 service is now available in Sommières. Launched three years ago, 400 Butagaz 24/24 terminals are already available throughout France. With this solution, the Butagaz Group, a multi-energy and multi-service provider committed to the local energy transition, responds as best as possible to the new consumption habits of the French. Butagaz 24/24, the automatic cylinder distributor, is present throughout France. In three years it has become an essential sales channel, responding to the new buying habits of Butagaz gas cylinder customers. This allows you to order your gas bottle 7 days a week – 24 hours a day, independently and with just a few clicks via Click and Collect or directly at the terminal.

With the growing craze for this easy and fast withdrawal method, the deployment of Butagaz 24/24 has accelerated to 400 ATMs across the country. A dynamism that makes it possible to respond to as many people as possible thanks to the presence of this service throughout France. A change in buying habits, accelerated by the health crisis. The market launch of the Butagaz 24/24 dispenser meets the consumer’s desire to be able to easily withdraw a gas bottle at any time. The first lockdown in March 2020 increased usage of this service and continued to engage customers, allowing the channel to benefit from a +92%1 sales boom in the first month of lockdown. Enthusiasm for the distributor continued unabated as sales stabilized at +70%2.

“The constant availability of a gas bottle”

The health crisis has created a real attraction for click-and-collect purchases: sales via this type of purchase doubled during the first confinement, reflecting customers’ desire to collect their bottles at the point of sale as quickly as possible. . “Butagaz 24/24 allows every French no longer to run out of gas thanks to the constant availability of a gas cylinder at any time and close to home, since we are present throughout the territory. French. The health crisis of 2020 has – like what happened in several sectors – undoubtedly helped to change the behavior of our customers who naturally turned to the vending solution.”emphasizes Sophie Divan, Marketing Manager Butagaz 24/24.

Two purchase modes are available for easy operation. Butagaz 24/24 brings together in a complete system several possible purchasing methods to meet the preferences of each of its customers. Using your smartphone or computer, you can geolocate yourself on the website, order your gas bottle and collect it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the Butagaz 24/24 dealer of your choice. This is the dispenser’s click and collect feature. Butagaz 24/24 also allows you to buy your gas bottle directly on site, paying by credit card. So at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no more gas failure, everyone can refill their gas bottle.The Butagaz 24/24 vending machine was developed in collaboration with The Keys, a start-up member of Zagatub, Butagaz’s open innovation program.

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