Shark takes on the Dyson SuperSonic with the Style iQ, its first hair dryer


Shark expands its range and goes from vacuum cleaning to beauty care with its first hair dryer: the Style iQ. In order to distinguish itself, the manufacturer relies on a powerful breath and “intelligent” tips.

Shark Style iQ HD120

Introductory price €249.99

Discover in the absence of offers

As a specialist in floor vacuuming, Shark is now stepping into beauty by launching a hair dryer. A new direction, obviously reminiscent of the career of a certain Dyson. It’s also a safe bet that the success of British rival SuperSonic is no stranger to its new company, even if the American side obviously says that the addition of the Style iQ HD120 to its catalog is just a new way of exploiting and exploiting it of experiences with air currents.

Up to 150 km/h and 95°C

Even more than the engine power (1600W), it is the speed of the air that Shark likes to highlight. The Style iQ could go up to 150 km/h, a speed well above the market average. The higher it is according to the manufacturer, the less heating is required for drying and the lower the risk of damaging the hair. Shark also states that it capped the temperature at 95°C on the highest setting, while others peak at 115°C.

The Shark Style iQ in action with its styling brush.

The Shark Style iQ in action with its styling brush.

Overall, the Style iQ offers three temperature settings in addition to a cold air button, but also speed. An ionization system is also present to neutralize the positive ionic charge of wet hair in contact with hot air, thus limiting static electricity.

Three included tips and automatic settings

In addition to the speed of the airflow, Shark relies heavily on the accessories or tips that are available for the Style iQ. At least three come with this HD120 version (others are currently available outside our borders): a concentrator with a retractable outlet for more or less targeted drying, a diffuser also retractable to adapt to different hair types, and a brush that has rigid and flexible bristles combined to detangle while styling. Rather worked, so these tips also have the advantage that they are recognized by the hair dryer, which can then optimally adjust the settings.

The Shark Style iQ and the three included tips.

The Shark Style iQ and the three included tips.

The Style iQ comes with a stuff sack, with Shark offering an optional looper at a suggested retail price of €30. The hair dryer is launched at a suggested retail price of €250 in two colours: champagne and matte black. That’s slightly less than the recommended £399 for the Dyson SuperSonic, but well above the average price of a hair dryer. Hopefully Shark’s promises will be kept.

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