Several young women complain to Dampicourt that they believe they were drugged at a party without their knowledge

A ball was held this weekend in Dampicourt, in the province of Luxembourg, attended by more than 2,000 people. That evening, several young women and teenagers claim to have been drugged without their knowledge. Some have chosen to file a complaint.

Cholé, 19, leads our team into the marquee that welcomed the revelers this weekend in Dampicourt (Rouvroy). “That’s where I fell‘ she says, pointing to an area. She explains that she is convinced she was drugged without her knowledge.’My head was spinning a lot. Then I got sick. My girlfriend arrived and I passed out in front of her‘ she confides.The paramedics took care of me, then I went to the hospital“.

These events are very difficult for the young woman to endure. “Mentally it destroyed me a bit. Because I could have been used‘ she tells us.

Other young girls contact me believing they have been drugged

On Saturday evening, more than 2,000 young people took part in an evening. To find out if there were other victims, Chloe’s mother launched an appeal on social media on Sunday. Very quickly she receives several testimonies that challenge her. “Young girls contacting me. Who, like Chloe, were hospitalized overnight from Saturday to Sunday. Other young girls who contact me assuming they have been drugged‘ indicates Caroline, the mother.

The next day I had panic attacks all day

That Monday, several young women came to make a complaint to the police. We met another young woman. Éline describes what looks like a pill that slipped into her drink. “A man came to ask us if we had any drugs. We said we had nothing at all but I thought the guy was very strange. I saw that I had a green spot in my glass. I immediately approached the people standing in the entrance and they immediately took my drink, suspecting drugs. I thought so, there was something in my drink and it wasn’t normal‘ describes the teenager.

As for Maeris, she elicits an injection. “The next day I was having panic attacks all day, waking up and stuff. And I found a bite mark on my ass‘ she confides in us.

Organizers and municipalities are thinking about strengthening security

These testimonies are reminiscent of others: drugs poured into jars in Ixelles or injections in nightclubs in France. No sexual abuse has been reported in Dampicourt, nor has any particular phenomenon been observed in the region. A specialist in addiction prevention, however, urges caution. “If you feel the first signs of effects that you cannot control and have never felt before, especially warn friends, relatives“, explains Boris Hermand, coordinator of the ASBL drug supply. However, in his opinion, the goal is not “fall into a psychosis“, but from “create a benevolent dynamic in a festive environment“.

How can security be strengthened in Dampicour? The organizers of Saturday’s event and the city government will address the matter at the next celebrations.

For her part, Chloe says she needs a break and intends to avoid parties for the time being.

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