Saint-Léger adopts a management plan for its forests

Short, ” It’s very technical and we don’t know what the future will bring t”, comments the Mayor Alain Rongvaux after hearing that the representatives of the DNF presented a very complete study “with no less than 40 appendices”, states the councilor of the minority Vinciane Gigi.

The aim of this plan is to maintain ecologically and economically sustainable wood production through stocks that are specifically adapted to the environment while maintaining the protection of forest soils and sources.

The current composition of the 1120 ha of forest shows a composition of forests with 73% hardwood, 20% softwood, 4% mixed species and 3% are dedicated to springs, ponds… with a beautiful reserve of Douglas firs and oaks, ” a sure bet “.

In order to limit the effects of drought, heat waves, on the spruces, which no longer have any place in the city forest except as part of natural regeneration, or even on the beech trees, the DNF proposes to ensure an age- and species-appropriate compensation, height depending determined by ground and altitude.

For this new management plan, too, the forest law stipulates that spaces be reserved for youth movements. They are located in “Peurie” (14 ha in Meix-le-Tige) and in Trou des Levels (45.52 ha in Saint-Léger).

What financial implications?

The DNF also developed the financial aspect of this management plan on the third of its implementation. So the next 12 years are expected to bring in €4m in income and €871k in expenses, so around 22% reinvestment, while we currently average at 18% and ideally the rate should be around 25%.

We have provided ” We are replanting €500,000 in this year’s budget for our children “ commented Mayor Alain Rongvaux.

And before the question arises, DNF agent Jean-Marie Lambert further clarifies: ” It is understandable that the citizens are disappointed with the condition of the forest roads, but there are currently three major cuts in operation and this situation is part of the life of the forest. Operators cannot be prompted to recover until the cut is complete!

The plan was presented by Jérémie Jamin, led by DNF chief Florina Naisse, with agents Jean-Marie Lambert, Thomas Schiltz (cartographer) and Jean-Claude Macatory.

The plan is validated, a public inquiry of 45 days can be launched before final acceptance.

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