Russian gas: “We continue to pay in euros,” assures Barbara Pompilli – 02/05/2022 at 3:08 p.m

The Minister for Green Transition spoke on the sidelines of the emergency meeting of EU energy ministers. She explained that the discussions were aimed at “having a common policy to be less dependent on Russian gas”.

The Minister for Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili, on March 16, 2022 in Paris. (AFP/Thomas SAMSON)

A new step towards energy independence of the European Union? During a press conference on the sidelines of

Emergency meeting of European energy ministers

, Monday May 2nd in Brussels, Barbara Pompili stated that “the whole affair is intended to show that we will continue to pay in euros and in dollars, depending on how the contracts are worded”. Russia announced on April 15, in response to sanctions following its invasion of Ukraine, that it would like gas purchases to be made in rubles.

The country even suspended gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland, claiming that these two NATO and European Union member countries failed to make payments in rubles. you are now

delivered “by their EU neighbors”

, assured Ursula von der Leyen. “We meet to reaffirm our solidarity with our European colleagues. Contracts are not broken in this way, ”emphasized Barbara Pompilli. “We will continue to work together to pursue a common policy and be less dependent on Russian gas,” she said.

“No longer dependent on Russia”

“We have already started work on gas storage, we are in the process of having unified regulations and other guidelines for it

diversify our gas purchases

our supply and to no longer be dependent on Russia,” assured the Minister for the Ecological Transition. She assured that these measures are aimed at “the expansion of renewable energies” in the long term.

Energy ministers from European Union countries met to discuss their dependence on Russian gas.

Russia covers 40% of the EU’s gas needs

, a dependency at the origin of Germany and other countries’ reluctance to suddenly halt Russian energy imports. The European Commission is also preparing and concluding talks on establishing a phased embargo on Russian oil from the European Union.

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