Russia: Parliament calls for total oil and gas embargo | news

In a resolution passed on Thursday by 513 votes to 22, with 19 abstentions, MEPs called for further punitive measures, including “a total embargo on imports of oil, coal, nuclear fuel and gas from Russia.”

This should be accompanied by a plan to ensure the EU’s energy security, as well as a strategy to “lift these sanctions if Russia takes steps to restore the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders and where it has its troops.” would withdraw completely from Ukrainian territory.

Expel Russia from the G20 and other international organizations

Current sanctions must now be fully and effectively implemented across the EU and by international allies as a priority, MEPs stress. They call on EU leaders to exclude Russia from the G20 and other international organizations such as the UNHCR, Interpol, the WTO or UNESCO, “which would send a strong signal that the international community is not behaving as would have happened with an attacker condition.

To make sanctions more effective, Parliament is calling for Russian banks to be excluded from the SWIFT system, a ban on all Russia-connected ships from entering EU territorial waters and docking in European ports, and a ban on road freight transport to and from Russia and Belarus. MEPs are also calling for the seizure of “all assets of Russian officials or oligarchs linked to the Putin regime, their middlemen and front men, and persons in Belarus linked to the Lukashenka regime.”

The resolution highlights Belarus’ involvement in the war in Ukraine and calls for sanctions against Belarus equivalent to those against Russia to close any loopholes that allow Putin to use Lukashenka’s help to evade penalties.

Continue and strengthen armament

The deputies refer not only to the atrocities committed by Russian troops in Ukraine, and in Boutcha in particular, “which undeniably constitute war crimes”, but also to the almost complete destruction of Mariupol, Volnovakha and other towns and villages. They stress that the perpetrators of war crimes will be held accountable and call for the establishment of a UN special tribunal for war crimes committed in Ukraine.

Parliament recalled that arms deliveries must be continued and increased in order for Ukraine to be able to defend itself effectively. MEPs support the granting of additional defense assistance to the Ukrainian armed forces, individually by member states and collectively through the European Peace Facility.

Noting that nearly 6.5 million Ukrainians have been internally displaced and more than four million have fled the country because of the war, MEPs are calling for safe humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians fleeing bomb attacks and for the strengthening of European humanitarian aid networks in Ukraine.

They condemn the Russian rhetoric that Russia could use weapons of mass destruction and stress that such use would have serious consequences.

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