Renault: Ampère and horse are under serious investigation

Ampère and Horse are not two new concept cars from Renault. It is the opportunity to see electrical activities separately from thermal activities for the French group.

Last February, during the presentation of the Renault Group’s results, the possibility of splitting up activities was mentioned. This is not new in the automotive industry, as the giant Ford, for example, decided to separate these two activities: Model E and Ford Blue. For a few days now, this project of dividing up capital has resurfaced and the boss of the Renault group, Luca de Meo, is now being given the will to tackle this file quickly.

“Despite the Russian unknown, Luca de Meo wants to move quickly on both entities,” said one of the sources cited by Agefi-Dow Jones agency. The dossier could move fast enough to discuss this opportunity internally in July and make a quick decision. There is Investor Day in the fall and an announcement could be made at that time.

One of Renault’s concerns right now is Russia, which is weighing on the group’s recovery momentum. It also monopolizes many “thinking” resources to get out of this raspoutitsa. The Russian activities account for almost 10% of the turnover to be consolidated. Renault has made provisions for future impairments or property losses in the country.

Collect donations and build partnerships

On the Renault side, we neither confirm nor deny that the project is under investigation. It must be said that this can have an undeniable financial interest. As ? By separating the two activities, Renault could list the electric structure on the stock exchange. A lever to raise funds to fund the electric vehicle shift sought by Europe and other regions of the world.

This also makes it possible to separate the risks between thermal + electrified and electrical. In doing so, technical partnerships can be found on one or the other of the entities. Again, the goal is to reduce the costs inherent in these new technologies (lots of R&D) or to keep the old ones in a more restricted market.

Also, some specialists think that “Horse” (thermal part) could allow a rapprochement or even a merger with another group. “Ampère” could remain based in France with the large power pole in northern France, while “Horse” could affect thermal activities outside of France.

Going electric in one part of the world is upsetting all established patterns. A new page is being written before our eyes in the great history of the automotive industry. There will be winners, losers and, undoubtedly, disappearances.


André-Marie Ampère was a great complete French scientist spanning the 18th and 19th centuries. We owe him many discoveries and inventions about electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism, etc. In everyday life we ​​often speak of two of these creations: the words current and voltage.

Its name was given to the international unit of electric current intensity. Referring to this evocative name is natural for a French group talking about electric vehicles.

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