RECAP. War in Ukraine: Russian gas exposed, threats from Putin, call for help in Mariupol… The point of this Wednesday evening

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Update on the situation, Wednesday April 27, after more than two conflicts between Ukraine and Russia.

Putin’s threats in case of interference

Vladimir Putin wants to get through in Ukraine despite the obstacles on the ground and increasing diplomatic sanctions. “The special military operation since February 24 is being carried out” (…), “there is no alternative”, he remarked and denounced “the economic smothering plans against Russia”, which he said had “failed”.

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Ukraine: Putin has threatened an “immediate and lightning-fast” response if another country interferes in the conflict

And he warned that “if another country gets involved in the armed conflict,” “there will be a reaction” from the Kremlin. The very other powers that want to intervene “need to know that they are going to create a geopolitical threat for us, and they need to know that there will be an answer, a quick reaction strike. We have tools for this that no one has today. today, and we will use these tools when necessary, I want everyone to know that,” he threatened.

Moscow says it destroyed a “large amount” of weapons supplied by the West

The Russian army claimed on Wednesday it destroyed a “large quantity” of weapons that had been shipped to Kyiv during a strike from the United States and European countries, while Western efforts intensify to arm Ukraine against Moscow. “Sheds with a large quantity of foreign arms and ammunition supplied to the Ukrainian armed forces by the United States and European countries were destroyed with high-precision Kalibr missiles fired from the sea at the Zaporizhia aluminum plant” in south-eastern Ukraine, so the Russian defense ministry said.

He did not specify which weapons were destroyed in the strike. The Russian military also claims to have carried out airstrikes against 59 Ukrainian targets, including 50 where troops were stationed, and four ammunition depots.

Call for help in Mariupol

On the southern tip of the Donbass, in the besieged and devastated strategic port city of Mariupol, “the enemy is massively shelling and blockading our units near the Azovstal factory,” Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said in its daily report.

The commander of the 36th Mariupol Naval Brigade Sergei Volyna was launched another cry for help, who indicated having with him 600 wounded soldiers and hundreds of civilians. “My message today is: save the Mariupol garrison, conduct an exfiltration operation for us. Here people will simply die (…) civilians die with us (…) the city is almost wiped off the face of the earth, ”he implores in a message relayed on Telegram.

Bulgaria and Poland are supplied with gas by their EU neighbors

Bulgaria and Poland are now being supplied with gas “by their neighbors in the European Union” after Gazprom suspended Russian supplies, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday. “We will ensure that Gazprom’s decision affects European consumers as little as possible,” the head of the European executive assured in a short speech to the press in Brussels. “The measure taken by Russia affects Russia itself. The Kremlin is harming the Russian economy because they are depriving them of significant revenues,” she said.

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