Purchasing power: +40% for sunflower oil, +23% for rice, +6% for pasta, price explosion for everyday products in one year

The prices for everyday products such as pasta, rice, oil, flour, milk and eggs continue to rise on the shelves.

According to NielsenIQ, French inflation reached 2.67% for consumer goods in April, compared to 1.26% in March and 0.52% in February. The world economy, which has not yet fully recovered from the Covid pandemic, is facing a serious crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. With rising commodity prices, energy and transportation costs related to the surge in gas and oil, food prices are expected to continue rising throughout the year.

According to Tiendeo, prices for everyday products such as oil, rice, pasta and flour have already exploded in the past 12 months.

+2.6% for olive oil

L’sunflower oilof which Ukraine is one of the world’s leading producers and exporters increased by 40% compared to 2021 and theolive oil from 2.6%reports the platform specializing in digital offers and catalogues.

Grain, like wheat, is particularly affected by war. Also the price of flour has also increased by 5.8%. Same cause, same effect for pasta with wheat as the main ingredient: +6.2% in one year.

Milk and eggs not spared

Another grain whose price is skyrocketing: rice. On average one packet of rice of 1 kg is now 23% more expensive than last year. Dairy products are also affected by rising prices. One litre milk is average today 13.4% more expensive than twelve months ago.

Eggs have also seen price increases year after year. A box of 10 eggs Free range in the supermarket costs average 7.2% more expensive in May 2022 than in May 2021.

Not just big brands

The price increases, which initially affected the big brands, are now also being felt in the normally cheaper own-brand products.

“The international situation has amplified the rise in prices of basic necessities of private label products such as eggs, olive oil, chocolate or even milk, which have increased by 5 to 15%.”, emphasizes Tiendeo. For example, a liter of Auchan extra virgin olive oil rose to €6.79 from €6.29 in February, the company points out in its press release.

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