PicoPica 10: a domestic mini electric tidal turbine that works in very low flow waterways

How do you generate electricity wherever there is running water, even if the flow is very low? With the great invention of the Japanese engineer Masaya Suminowho have favourited PicoPica 10 maybe? This man invented a small, compact generator that weighs only 17 kilos and aims to bring electricity to as many people as possible. Earth is facing various environmental problems like global warming or depletion of fossil resources and these problems will directly affect future generations. It is therefore time to innovate, develop and offer small devices like the PicoPica 10 that allow the production of hydroelectric power and therefore renewable energy in any watercourse in the world … Presentation of this ingenious invention .

The PicoPica 10 in detail

This object takes the form of a one meter long box that is placed in water. A metal plate on the back blocks the flowing water, which then drains away the propellers and the turbine wheel rotate, Generate electricity. For example, placed at the foot of lampposts, in front of which small channels of water can flow, the PicoPica can be used to power them without using any energy other than the power of water. The little generator converts this energy into electricity and powers street lamps continuously without additional energy and/or financial expenditure.

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This device has also been tested on certain street lamps in Japan.for educational purposes for Japanese schools. However, the Japanese engineer is considering PicoPica 500, which weigh 250 kilos each and could provide hydroelectric power for an entire household. By storing the energy generated by PicoPica in a 12V battery, it powers the electric fence as a measure against bird and animal damage, eliminating the need to replace the traditional battery. Thanks to this device, the inventor also intends Fight against crop destruction by wildlife… A matter of protecting future crops and feeding the population!

Using renewable energies: the ultimate challenge!

The aim of the inventor of this ingenious system is to sensitize children to the use of renewable energies instead of fossil fuels. For him, the device is first and foremost an educational tool that makes it possible to make children aware of the importance of renewable energies for their future! In Japan, as in many countries around the world, many people still live without electricity, making life difficult and night traffic dangerous. With this system, the engineer can hope to bring electricity for free or almost those who lack it.

The operation of the tidal turbine
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The size of the turbine
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Some technical characteristics

Weighing 17 kilos, the small generator must be installed by two people… The PicoPica 500 must be installed with a crane truck and anchored in the watercourse. In addition to being used for public lighting, Masaya Sumino also considers powering refrigerators used to store food and medicines, and telecommunications equipment such as cell phones and televisions. To date, 500 sets of the PicoPica 10 have already been sold and orders continue to grow… This small device, ultimately very simple, is proof that there are solutions other than nuclear, coal or others to generate clean electricity in all areas waterways of the world! For more information: www.suminoseisakusho.jp


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