Moscow shuts off gas to EU countries, Macron ranted in Cergy, charges against police officer who shot at Pont Neuf… News this Wednesday

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War in Ukraine: Moscow tramples in Donbass. Despite the capture of several small towns in the Kharkiv and Donbass regions by the Russian army and after unsuccessful attempts to take Kyiv, no decisive victory for Putin’s troops seems in sight. That doesn’t stop Russian power from escalating further. After Moscow announced the end of Russian gas exports from Gazprom to Poland and Bulgaria on Wednesday, Moscow threatened an attack “decision centers” Kyiv in case of strikes against facilities on its territory. Read our article.

In Cergy, Macron stumbled upon the flowerbeds of Mélenchon. It was his first trip as President-elect. Emmanuel Macron chose Val-d’Oise and a popular market in the city for his first outing after his win against Marine Le Pen on Sunday Shot of cherry tomatoes and Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s voters demanding accountability. The sign that the new five-year term begins in stormy weather for the first President of the Republic to return for a second term without living together… Read our report.

PPDA files a complaint against the sixteen women they accuse of molestation, rape and sexual assault. Questioned by 16 women who accuse him of molestation, sexual assault or rape, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor denies any inappropriate behavior. He scourges “A return of puritanism and censorship cleverly adorned with the supposed protection of women”. Beginning of November, release published the testimonies of eight women who – seven of them with their faces uncovered – accused of rape, sexual assault or sexual harassment, which they say suffered from Patrick Poivre d’Arvor over a period from 1993 to 2008. An interview with release This Wednesday, one of the prosecutors, journalist and screenwriter Hélène Devynck, assured that PPDA is trying “to impress women who have experienced illicit sexual violence”.

Didier Raoult’s IHU has been accused of “serious deficiencies” in its clinical studies. French health authorities denounced years on Wednesday “Serious Deficiencies” As part of clinical studies at the institute in Marseille led by Didier Raoult, the IHU announced that it would take legal action and demand that the body restore order. “The ethical rules were not systematically observed, which made it impossible to ensure a sufficient level of protection for people.”summarizes in a press release the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) following an investigation carried out at the Marseille IHU in late 2021 following revelations The Express and media part. In May 2020, release had presented the first elements marking an abuse of this regulation on the “Research on Humans” (RIPH) in a recent study on hydroxychloroquine.

The Paris public prosecutor’s office is launching an investigation into an Internet failure. During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, cables and fiber optic lines were severed, disconnecting thousands of Internet users from the network. Internet access slowdowns and disruptions were observed in several major French cities, including Grenoble, Besançon, Reims and Strasbourg. Customers of the operator Free were particularly affected. The cyber department of the public prosecutor’s office has launched investigations into the leaders “Damage to property likely to harm the fundamental interests of the nation” “Obstruction of an automated data processing system” and “Conspiracy”. Read our article here.

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Dead on the Pont Neuf: The police officer responsible for the shooting is charged with “premeditated homicide”. The agent who killed two men on Sunday near the Pont Neuf in Paris who would have rushed off to patrol again was specifically charged this Wednesday “voluntary killing” in relation to the driver of the car, according to a court source. Read our article.

How Elon Musk will change Twitter. The richest man in the world wants to make Twitter the Eldorado of free speech, but does the platform risk bundling more insults and hate speech? In a video, our journalist Elise Viniacourt decodes Elon Musk’s vision for the future of Twitter. For example, in order to do justice to his right to freedom of expression, the billionaire could relax the moderation system. A measure that could lead to a tenfold spread of misinformation and hate speech. Look here.

The Ocean Viking continues to save lives in the Mediterranean. After rescuing more than a hundred migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea on Sunday and Monday, the SOS Méditerranée ship again provided assistance to a boat in distress on Tuesday evening. The ship rescued 131 refugees. “All the survivors were exhausted“and a man”collapsed during evacuation”also stated SOS Méditerranée, which charters the ship Ocean Viking. Read our article.

What about the new parties before the parliamentary elections? The young parties of Eric Zemmour (Reconquête), Edouard Philippe (Horizons) or Florian Philippot (Les Patriotes) will take part in the June general elections for the first time, with a large number of candidates and with the hope of gaining an important place in the next national assembly. Deciphering their origins and ambitions.

Death of Bernard Pons, figure of the RPR and former Minister of Pompidou and Chirac. Bernard Pons was a rebellious Lot MP, elected in 1967 before joining Jacques Chaban-Delmas’s government that same year. He was several times a minister under Jacques Chirac, with whom he was always very close. He died on Wednesday at the age of 95. Read our article here.

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