more than 30 guests will be present

With more than 30 literary actors expected, the program for the 4th edition of the Dynamic Festival promises to be colorful! From Friday 26th to Sunday 28th November, the capital’s former courthouse will be the scene of an unmissable cultural event for literature lovers.

On the last weekend of November, the capital of the province of Luxembourg becomes the destination of many bibliophiles. In fact, the 4th edition of the festival DYNAMIC, on the topic “Literary Encounters” will make its grand return to Arlon, a year after having had to suspend its activities following the Covid-19 health crisis. To celebrate this return with great fanfare, the organizers have spared no expense to keep up to date. The icing on the cake: the activities are completely free and readers have the opportunity to buy and have the books of their favorite authors autographed.

More than 30 literary actors have confirmed their participation in these meetings: The Luxembourg Academythe city library, Juliette NothombAnnie Wauthoz, Evelyn SimarLaura Parisse, Martin DehautAnnemarie Trekker, Malika El Maizi, Monique Voz, Amanda Fairon, Frank Andriat, Dominique Billion, Jean Claude Servais, Pierre Kroll, Thibaut Demeyer, Guy Fairon, Jacques Champagne Rafage, Jules Boulard Armel Job, Thierry LuthersStedo, Willem Miguel Lamoline, Aubry Lassance Eric Marotte, Olivier Jaminon, Paul Mathieu, Guy Denis, Michael Frankard, Dominique Zachary and Doctor Michel Marion, Philippe Maryssael, Jacques Herbet, …

The Palais, a central place that hosts numerous cultural events throughout the year, is an ideal place for these literary encounters. In fact, this place, steeped in history due to its past activity as a jury and a court of first instance, has long been full of briefs, judgments and judgments from these judicial bodies. The step towards cultural encounters dedicated to literature in all its forms thus gains its full meaning.

This event aims to be convivial, a source of encounters and a complement to the many activities organized by local activists to contribute to the dynamism of the city.‘ stresses Vincent Magnus, Mayor of Arlon.

The Literary Encounters programme

As the organizers mention, this 2021 edition will look great thanks to a rich and varied program. Recognized personalities such as Armel Job, Khalil Gibran, Thierry Luthers or Pierre Kroll will travel to Arlon to take part in various activities.

  • Exhibitions throughout the weekend with Laura Parisse, Thibaut Demeyer, Michel Francard, Olivier Jaminon, Rafagé or even Pierre Kroll;
  • A reading corner specially designed for children by the City Library and Annie Wauthoz;
  • Meeting with the authors through readings and debates;
  • book signings;
  • conferences ;
  • theatrical performances;
  • Student meetings with Frank Andriat and Pierre Kroll are planned on Friday from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.;
  • Workshops for children and students.

So many activities that will satisfy bibliophiles for a weekend. The festival “Dynamic – Literary Encounters” also prides itself on the fact that this event is open to everyone, regardless of the age of the participants. “The program presented in this brochure will provide you with detailed information about all the weekend activities at the Palais. Do not hesitate to go through the door, entry is free and beautiful encounters await you. !” concludes the mayor of Arlon.

Kroll “exposes his virus”

The opening of the exhibition will also take place on the last weekend in November “Kroll exposes his virus”. The coronavirus epidemic is a topic that has occupied everyone since the beginning of 2020, but also Pierre Kroll. The Belgian caricaturist and illustrator has never drawn so much on the same subject in such a short time.

His exhibition at the palace includes more than a hundred drawings that tell our life during confinement, the different behaviors of society, the decisions (good or not) of our government but also everything that emerges from this pandemic for 2 years . One thing is for sure, you have to know how to laugh about it.

This exhibition is open between Friday 26 November and 23 January 2022 at the Palais in Arlon.

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