Mont Saint Martin. How can the nursing shortage in Pays-Haut be solved?

The Mont-Saint-Martin Hospital has for 2021 more than 18,000 emergency visits, more than 600 SMUR exits, more than 25,000 stays, more than 400 births, more than 5,000 interventions. Despite the presence of more than 7,000 nurses in the department (1,000 of whom have established themselves as Liberal), the observed shortage of nurses is more pronounced in the Pays-Haut area. Hospitals have lost many nurses during the health crisis. Some have chosen to work as liberals, others have chosen a different career path. This crisis has exposed on the one hand the harshness of the nurse’s job and, beyond the salary, the working conditions and on the other hand the lack of time for patients and the lack of adequate equipment.

The dynamism of the city hospital with its care offers and its technical platforms is recognized by the professional nursing association. For this reason, it was decided to organize a working meeting there with health professionals, the ARS (Regional Health Authority), the CPAM (Primary Health Insurance Fund) and locally elected representatives of the Pays-Haut.

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strengthen care offerings

The meeting with the public and the setting up of workshops allowed reflections on different topics. They discussed:

■ Strengthening of care and return to the patient in the healthcare system. In fact, many in the Pays-Haut do not have a doctor.

■ In the area, encourage home support for patients and improve the time devoted to them by integrating relationship nurturing and allowing them to be directly monitored by a referring nurse, the care coordinator.

■ Within the hospital, maintain the nurse-to-patient ratio in each department to ensure the quality and safety of care. Recruiting Lebanese nurses with French degrees is only a partial response to staff shortages.

■ Encouraging local recruitment by establishing a logic for career advancement of nurses.

■ Integrate the use of new technologies and health innovations into nursing practice and ensure training.

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