Man with gas mask shoots in New York subway: 16 injured

A gunman wearing a gas mask ignited a smoke device on the New York City subway Tuesday morning before opening fire on passengers, injuring 16 including 10 from gunfire, said police, who are actively searching for the suspect. The attack happened at 8:24 a.m. (12:24 GMT) when subway trains in the American metropolis are overcrowded, on one of the connecting lines between Brooklyn and Manhattan, the chief of the New York Police Department (NYPD) said. Keechant Sewell.

“When the train pulled into the station, the person put on a gas mask. Then he opened a canister that was in his pocket and the (metro) car filled with smoke. After that he started shooting.”described the police chief, who ruled out at the time “an act of terrorism”.

According to the fire department, 10 of the 16 injured were hit by bullets, and none of them were life-threatening at noon, said Keechant Sewell.

Precise description

Speaking to the press gathered above the Brooklyn subway station, she described the suspect as “a black man“approximately measure”1.65 m” and “of great stature“, carries a “Green construction vestr” and a gray hoodie. This person is dangerousNew York State Governor Kathy Hochul warned, urging the public to exercise extreme caution.

Amateur photos and video showed pools of blood and people lying on the floor of a subway train and on the platform at the 36th Street station in the borough of Brooklyn. Another video shows crowds exiting a smoky subway car at the 36th Street station amid shouts but no crush.


According to one of the passengers, Yav Montano, speaking on CNN, “a smoke grenade … a bomb went off I would say two minutes before we got to the station.” “It looked as planned (…). We were stuck in the car (…), there was blood on the floor. There was a lot of blood on the floorl,” added this man. A spokesman for the fire brigade told the AFP news agency that “unexploded explosive devices” were found at the scene, but no “working explosive device”, according to the police.

A major security device was deployed at 36th Street and 4th Avenue in south Brooklyn, very close to the large Greenwood Cemetery. Ambulances, fire brigades and police were on site in large numbers. Several Brooklyn schools immediately canceled all field trips for their students.

Biden informed

President Joe Biden, who announced new anti-gun measures Monday, has been briefed on the shooting and the White House has offered support to New York authorities, Executive Spokesperson Jen Psaki.

The attack came as New York City faced a spike in crime since the Covid-19 pandemic.

New York’s new Democratic mayor, former police officer Eric Adams, who was elected on safety promises, launched a plan to combat gun proliferation in late January after two police officers were shot dead during an intervention. But other gun dramas have also made headlines since then.

“We’re sick of reading the headlines about crime, whether it’s a shooting or the loss of a teenager or a 13-year-old. This has to stop,” the governor said, referring to several recent victims — including children — of shootings or stray bullets.

Mayor Eric Adams, who contracted Covid-19 a few days ago, was unable to attend.

For the first quarter of 2022 — Jan. 1 through early April — the number of shootings and shootings in New York City rose 260 to 296 compared to the same period in 2021, according to police figures released this week.

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