Macron back in the field, no more Russian gas for Poland and Bulgaria, national tribute to Michel Bouquet… News for this Wednesday morning.


Emmanuel Macron back on the pitch. No more (short) vacations. President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, who was re-elected on Sunday evening with almost 58 percent of the vote, is back on the ground this Wednesday morning. He has to go to a popular district of Cergy (Val-d’Oise) to meet residents, traders and young entrepreneurs. “This trip illustrates the President of the Republic’s desire, since 2017, to go to the field, to get in touch with French men and women, to discuss with them, to listen to their concerns, their expectations and their needs.”, declared the Presidency. Either a lot of talk but nice pictures.

In Mali, the junta accuses the French army“Espionage” and from “Subversion”. The ruling military junta in Bamako blamed the French army on Tuesday evening“Espionage” and from “Subversion” following the broadcast by the French General Staff of videos taken by a drone near a base in central US Mali recently returned from France. Authorities say they have “Since the beginning of the year, more than fifty cases of intentional violations of Malian airspace by foreign aircraft, in particular by French armed forces, have been identified”announces a press release from the government of Bamako.

Suspension of Russian gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria from Wednesday. Russia will cut gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria on Wednesday, as explosions in Moldova’s pro-Russian separatist region of Transnistria raised fears of the war spreading beyond Ukraine’s borders. On Tuesday evening, Polish and Bulgarian authorities said they had been warned by Russian gas company Gazprom about its intention to halt its gas supplies to those two countries the next day, despite the contracts binding them. However, the two members of NATO and the European Union (EU) agree to obtain the missing gas from other sources.

Aung San Suu Kyi sentenced to five more years in prison for corruption. Burma’s junta tightens its grip on Aung San Suu Kyi. The former leader was sentenced to an additional five years in prison on Wednesday in a riverside trial denounced as political by the international community. The Nobel Peace Prize winner, who had already been sentenced to six years in prison in previous months, was this time sentenced under the anti-corruption law.

At least nine people have been killed in an Israeli attack in Damascus. Five Syrian soldiers and four people were killed in an Israeli night attack near Damascus, a military source told the official Syrian news agency SANA on Wednesday. “The Israeli enemy carried out an airstrike at dawn and launched several rockets from Tiberias, targeting several positions around Damascus.”said the military source.

Continuation today:

First PS-LFI meeting for a hypothetical rally. On the left, discussions for the parliamentary elections are gradually progressing. This Wednesday morning, teams from the Socialist Party and La France insoumise are due to meet for the first time to reach an agreement for the 12th and 19th June elections. A few days ago, such a meeting was not obvious when the two parties shot each other in the legs in the presidential election. In the intermediate rounds, even LFI representative Mathilde Panot was there the JDDasserted that there would be “no discussion” with hp. According to her, a cancellation is “final”. Which ultimately isn’t the case.

National tribute to Michel Bouquet. Michel Bouquet, a monument to French theater who died in mid-April at the age of 96, is entitled to his national tribute to the Invalides this Wednesday afternoon. A ceremony presided over by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron. As usual, the Head of State will laud the comedian after speeches by Fabrice Luchini, Muriel Robin, who was a student of Michel Bouquet at the Conservatory, and Pierre Arditi.

The report

War in Ukraine: In Dnipro, the mayor fears encirclement and massive bombing. In the city, a hundred kilometers from the front, Borys Filatov, the city’s mayor, is preparing the defense and is demanding the delivery of additional heavy weapons to counter the Russian army. Read our report.

The interview

Julien Bayou: “Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Prime Minister? Chick, let’s win together.” The national secretary of Europe Ecology – The Greens, Julien Bayou, takes stock of the ongoing negotiations with La France insoumise for a left alliance in the general elections. Read an interview here.

The ticket

Pensions: Now, Mr. Macron, we must adopt your reform. During the presidential election campaign, Emmanuel Macron and his family tried to defuse the issue systematically. From now on, the re-elected president can no longer drown the fish: many people who entered the workforce early lose two or three valuable years of retirement. read here

The portrait

Delphine Meillet, good in court. The lawyer who initiated the petition against what she calls “the presumption of guilt” is Roman Polanski’s lawyer, Christophe Girard, but also a victim of November 13th. read here

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