LPG from the USA as an alternative to Russian gas


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L de La Mornais, T Donzel, G Gillet, K Sullivan – France 2

France TV

The French have reduced their gas consumption by 8% year-to-date and by 10% in March. In order to be less dependent on Russian gas, the US wants to compensate with its liquefied gas.

Louisiana’s economy relies on gas plants, which are springing up everywhere. In France, first 40% of the gas consumed comes from Norway, then 17% from Russia, almost 6% from Algeria, Nigeria, the Netherlands and the United States. America has been the new Eldorado for hydraulic fracturing shale gas in recent years.

Today, France is the leading exporter of American gas. “In the first three months of 2022, imports from the United States have already reached the previous year’s level. So in 2022, we are projected to triple or even quadruple US LNG imports“, explains Eric Festa, director of LNG industrial activities at Total Energies. But in order to transport it anywhere in the world, the gas must be converted into liquid. The product then leaves Louisiana by boat for France for two weeks. This liquid gas is not the miracle solution because its carbon footprint is higher.

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