Louana (Koh-Lanta) responds to rumors of affair with Maxime (VIDEO)

After we hated each other Koh Lanta, Louana and Maxime seem as close as they’ve ever been since filming wrapped. guest on At Jordanthe 28-year-old has responded to rumors that she is dating the portfolio manager…

Hostilities are the order of the day Koh Lanta. Each season, clashes between adventurers make for great airtime on TF1. This year, tensions have emerged around two strong minds: Louana and maxim. On the red side, the portfolio manager’s remarks never stopped annoying the seller. Throughout the adventure, the two red team members glared at each other. They didn’t hide it: they didn’t like each other! Last week chance made everything good. When the Rule of Linked Fates made its big comeback, the draw wanted Louana and Maxime to team up. Unfortunately, they suffered a reversal of the situation that led to their elimination. A fun ending for these two enemies. But between love and hate there is only one step. And this saying pleases Louana and Maxime … Invited At JordanLouana returned to her complex relationship with her opponent. Yesterday there were dogs and cats, today adventurers never leave each other… even to the point of forming a pair?

“We have a great friendship”

Water has flowed under the bridges since filming ended. Today, Louana and Maxime seem closer than ever. The young woman even assured tele leisure that Maxime was henceforth the former adventuress she had the greatest affinity for. In a live Instagram on May 18, they also expressed great guilt. And netizens have noticed. Invited to the Jordan De Luxe Show, the real estate agent confided in the reception “a lot” Messages from people who think she is in a relationship with Maxime. The 28-year-old doesn’t seem surprised: “Because we are cat and dog, we have an electric temperament‘ she notes, but she promises he didn’t “absolutely nothing happened” with who is “nice friend” for you today. “We have a beautiful friendship today that may have started with a touch of hostility (…) We have tempers that sinter a little, but that’s all“, she adds.

Louana in a relationship for four years with … another maxim!

Nothing could happen to his former teammate, and with good reason: Louana has been in a relationship for almost four years. And luckily her favorite is called… Maxime! An amazing coincidence that makes Jordan De Luxe smile… Today the adventuress looks happier than ever at her sweetheart’s side: “When I came back there was a shortage. After I think he was very proud that I was a part of this adventure because he knew it was a dream for me“, she confides. When she’s in love, having a baby isn’t a project “for the moment”. The 28-year-old lets it be known Koh Lanta made him thirsty “physical adventures”. The bottles are waiting!

The entire broadcast At Jordan with Louana there is more to discover tele leisure this weekend.

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