LIVE – War in Ukraine: According to Engie president, France could “eventually” go without Russian gas – liberation

War between Ukraine and Russiacase

On the 73rd day of the war in Ukraine, the Russian offensive continues, including, according to Kyiv, in Mariupol, where, however, about fifty civilians managed to be evacuated. The United States announced new military aid of $150 million.

– The Russian offensive does not know a ceasefire, also according to Kyiv in Mariupol, where, however, about fifty civilians managed to be evacuated.

– The United States on Friday announced new military aid of $150 million. At the same time, they warned that the funds for weapons for Kyiv have now been allocated “almost exhausted”.

– The leaders of the major powers of the G7 will hold a virtual meeting on the war in Ukraine on Sunday, which will also be attended by Volodymyr Zelenskyy, announced a spokeswoman for German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

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New explosions in Transnistria. Authorities in Moldova’s pro-Russian separatist region of Transnistria announced on Saturday that four blasts occurred on Friday night near a former airfield in a village bordering Ukraine, without causing any casualties. The self-proclaimed “Republic” of Transnistria broke away from Moldova in 1992 after a brief war against Chisinau. Since then, around 1,500 Russian soldiers have been stationed there. Fears grew in recent weeks that the conflict in Ukraine could spill over into Transnistria after a Russian general claimed the Kremlin’s offensive in Ukraine was aimed at establishing a corridor to the region. There have been several incidents there recently, including shootings near a weapons depot and a series of explosions.

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The complete capture of Mariupol, “Gift to Putin”. “The enemy wants to finish the defenders of Azovstal, he is trying to do this before May 9th to give Vladimir Putin a gift.” says Oleksiï Arestovych, an adviser to Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Russia has only been able to claim complete control of one major city, Cherson. On Saturday, the Russian army in Moscow held the final rehearsals in Red Square ahead of the traditional May 9 military parade. If the Russian armed forces wanted it “destroy” the last fighters or civilians from mariupol, Kyiv would be forced to break off any peace negotiations, the ukrainian president also warned. The Azov regiment defending the steelworks accused the Russian military of hitting it on purpose “with an anti-tank guided missile” one of his cars involved in the operation to evacuate civilians, killing one soldier and injuring six.


According to Engie president, France could “eventually” give up Russian gas. “The question is in what term”, Judge this morning at the microphone of France Inter Jean-Pierre Clamadieu. French energy giant boss says France is “probably able to reduce very significantly” its dependence on Russian gas from here “three or four years”. In fact, its routing relies on an entire network of infrastructure (gas pipelines, liquefaction plants, etc.) that is complex to set up, explains Clamadieu. Warning in late March that France would need “medium-term or long-term” Russian gas, and by deferring the decision to European governments, the French energy giant has gradually changed its position on the issue. “If we are faced with a brutal disruption, this is a much more difficult scenario that will require adjustments that will likely also be brutal,” however, warns Jean-Pierre Clamadieu. To diversify its supplies, the group signed a 15-year liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply deal with America’s NextDecade in early May, although shifting LNG would not allow it to obtain “sufficient volumes”. Russian gas for now.

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In Russia, the May 9 parade is overlooked by the “Plane of the Apocalypse.” The flight of a Russian army aircraft, an IL-80, over Moscow in recent days has drawn the attention of observers and the limelight of international newsrooms (like the Satan 2 missile before it). Recognizable by the bulge decorating its torso, this device is designed to house Vladimir Putin in the event of a nuclear war and provide the Russian President with the ability to order hypothetical airstrikes. The plane is said to be part of the May 9 military parade. What do we know about this plane? CheckNews answers them here.

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“The propaganda works pretty well with the Russian population.” Acceptance, Denial, Self-Censorship… Anna Colin Lebedev, Specialist in Post-Soviet Societies, Analysis for Libé the varied reactions of a muzzled populace facing what is often perceived as a war “necessary”. His interview can be read here.


A mysterious mega yacht stranded in Italy. The boat, valued at around €636 million, whose owner has not been disclosed and which appeared to be planning to sail, was decommissioned by Italian authorities on Friday. The investigation by the Italian authorities “helped to establish significant economic and business ties between the person officially owning the ship Scheherazade and prominent figures in the Russian government” as well as Russian figures sanctioned by the West, according to a statement from Italy’s Economy and Finance Ministry.


The United States announced new military aid of $150 million on Friday. At the same time, they warned that the funds for weapons for Kyiv have now been allocated “practically exhausted”. This aid, far short of previous American shipments of arms, notably includes 25,000 155mm shells, counter-battery radars to detect Russian artillery fire, and communications jamming devices. “Congress must quickly release the framework needed to strengthen Ukraine on the battlefield and at the negotiating table,” President Joe Biden said in a statement about the whopping $33 billion budget expansion requested by the US Congress.

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