leader in the online sale of solar kits for self-consumption

In view of the climatic challenges and geopolitical dangers, more and more people are turning to renewable energies to meet their own needs. This energy independence not only benefits the environment, but is also profitable in the medium term. In this sense, AlloSolar makes the production and consumption of green electricity accessible to everyone by offering turnkey solar kits.

Answers to the challenges of our time

In connection with the energy transition, one often hears about large-scale projects, be they wind farms, photovoltaics or projects for hydrogen production. However, as individuals, we also have a role to play in limiting the carbon emissions associated with our energy use. By acting as individuals, each in our own magnitude, we become hummingbirds capable of building a more sustainable world.

In this way, energy saving and efficiency projects can be carried out directly with us. And the benefits are even noticeable on the bills. Today, current inflation is increasing electricity prices significantly, as is our external dependence on energy. It is therefore often more economical to produce your own electricity. Public subsidies were introduced to help the French finance the installation of equipment at home (wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, etc.). In addition, the initial investment pays for itself in just 6 years and saves up to 65% on the electricity bill.

The boom in residential solar photovoltaics, a clientele always eager to undertake meaningful projects, all these factors have allowed the birth of AlloSolar.

E-commerce of kits for own power generation

Founded in 2018, AlloSolar is a leader in the online sale of DIY solar kits. The aim is to make green energy accessible to as many people as possible at a reasonable cost and with tailor-made customer support.

Thanks to simplified administrative procedures, private individuals can now install photovoltaic solar panels themselves at home, avoiding the costs associated with the intervention of a professional.

From sizing studies, panel layout, definition of the customer’s consumption profile to start-up assistance (assembly instructions, connection diagram, videos, telephone support), AlloSolar offers A to Z support to facilitate the installation of kits at home. The after-sales service is provided entirely in France in Portiragnes on the company’s premises.

The AlloSolar site in Portiragnes in the Hérault (34) AlloSolar

Additionally, AlloSolar not only sells complete kits but also retail products, which is a real benefit for any energy independence enthusiast looking to order products specifically for their needs. In addition to solar kits and photovoltaic panels, you can find charge controllers, solar batteries, battery chargers, voltage converters, solar inverters, mounting brackets and all kinds of electrical appliances in their e-commerce. .

With a growth of almost 100% per year since 2018, AlloSolar has become the leader in online solar kits with a market share of over 40% in France. Thanks to its collaboration with more than 25 partners and its numerous stocks (more than 1500 stored references), AlloSolar has already helped more than 120,000 customers in the production of green energy and would be proud to count you among them to participate in this transition.

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