Jean-Pascal van Ypersele: “The construction of gas power plants is money that is invested at a loss”

The third part of the latest IPCC climate report was presented on Monday. Asked about La Première, the climate researcher Jean Pascal van Ypersele pStresses the importance of behavioral changes that citizens can choose to make, especially when these changes are accompanied by policies that must provide citizens with the means to do so. “It’s easy to say everyone has to ride a bike, but when there’s no bike lane, it’s harder.”. Everyone can contribute in many ways to reducing pollutant emissions, he explains, for example by changing their diet, “By eating less meat, especially if it’s remotely sourced and has contributed to deforestation in the Amazon, we can use more public transport and try to live in more isolated housing if we can afford it. Citizens can influence the authorities to make this possible Developments: A very important power that everyone has is to vote, to challenge political actors and economic actors and to hold them to account “Challenging the financial world: whoever has savings can decide how he puts them on the right side”.

The report points out “that the richest 10% of the world’s population emits almost half of the world’s greenhouse gases. Those who pollute a lot and have a lot of money have greater responsibility for action and more important resources that are likely to need to be shared.”emphasizes the climate researcher.

“The construction of gas power plants is money that is invested at a loss

“We need to phase out fossil fuels as soon as possible and remember that in two hours the sun provides us on the surface of the earth with as much energy as humanity uses in a year, so the direction is clear. We must move towards a complete phase-out of fossil fuels”.

Belgium plans to build gas-fired power plants to compensate for the electricity that will not be produced when nuclear power plants close. “Fossil infrastructure becomes worthless over time, so the money is invested at a loss in the medium to long term. So this is a direction that is a dead end, says IPCC.”.

Europe spends a billion euros every day to buy energy outside its borders: “That’s 400 billion a year, 4000 billion every 10 years, what else could we build with this money than schools, cycle paths, infrastructure that can be used by everyone, building insulation programs! The means to turn things around are there, but we need them.” Sufficient political will” he closes.

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